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 Timey Problems (closed)

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PostSubject: Timey Problems (closed)   Timey Problems (closed) I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 28, 2014 4:44 pm

"Well, Bob," said the man enthusiastically, "we are hoping that with the new advancements in technology that a whole new world of possibilities will be available. In fact, we have some new things we have been playing with. Alien technology, Bob."

"Alien huh?" Bob asked this with good humor, his professional smile never faltering.

"Of course we don't really mean alien," the guy laughed nervously. "Alien to us now. Soon, we hope, it can be incorporated into every day life. Until then, spoilers." Evan, the employee of Sky's The Limit, waved at the camera with a big cheeky grin. The news host, Bob, smiled the expensive row of white teeth toward him.

"Cure cancer while you're at it," Penelope huffed in boredom. "I don't need another high tech cell phone. Rich people and their electronic needs. Fund something we really need...New legs for puppies, or something." Cramped from sitting in the small, uncomfortable office chair, she tried leaning back to crack her back. All she did was cause the strain to become more uncomfortable. What she needed was a nice, brisk walk. Even if it meant a bit of a mist half-way through.

The interview continued in the small, even more cramped, crew room on the flat screen TV. The channel was set to BBC news. Penelope had forgotten her book, and after 10 minutes of a grumbling stomach, decided to focus her attention away from the wall.

Penelope was a visitor to this great London city. Unfortunately her wallet, holding the large amount of her sums, was returned quite a bit lighter then before. All of her identification papers were inside, but she was now scrambling for cash. This meant that, even thought it had been an intended break, appeared to be a long term vacation. Food had become scarce, and her normally pudgy stomach wasn't accustomed to going without it.

"Oi, shut it," she whispered to her belly hotly. "I cannot help you right now. So, shut it," she demanded. Slender fingers tapped on the mug. A "gift" from the company. The logo read "Sky Is the Limit" with cheap painted clouds puffed around the words. A tea bag sat inside it. Penelope hoped that it would help ease her aching stomach
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Timey Problems (closed)
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