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 How to submit your character

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PostSubject: How to submit your character   Thu Jan 30, 2014 3:12 pm

Hello new members! The character creation system can be a bit confusing to newcomers so we’ve designed this guide to help you through it. It helps if you have in your head what you want to be before you get started, making it up as you go along does not end well.

The first step is ALIEN CREATION. If you’re are going to play a human, or an existing alien within the Doctor Who universe, then this step doesn’t apply to you. If you wish to roleplay an alien already created by another member of the site and approved already, then this step also doesn’t apply to you BUT you must get the permission of the member who invented that alien first.

However, many of you will want to create your own alien race for your character to be a part of and that requires the ALIEN CREATION TEMPLATE. There’s not too much to fill in on the template, but it is essential before progressing to the next step.

Important note: Time Lords are not allowed anymore. A cannon time lord that hasn’t already been taken is perfectly acceptable, in fact encouraged, but we can no longer allow you to create an original time lord for reasons detailed elsewhere. To this end, aspects of time lord heritage are carefully monitored, this means that things such as regenerations, or ‘the’ titles for characters may or may not be approved depending on the discretion of the moderator or administrator on how well integrated it is, and whether it is essential.

Step 2: CHARACTER CREATION. The main part of your creation process, this CHARACTER CREATION TEMPLATE must be submitted separately and DETAILED. There is quite a lot to fill in, and this will take time. We are aware of this and there is no rule that says you have to post it all at once. It will need to be complete before approval though. Unlike the alien creation template, an image IS needed for this template. Once again, there is a template. There is also a field called History that is where the most detail is needed, several paragraphs at least are expected.

The final part of this form, is the sample roleplay. This is often missed out so make sure you don’t. The details for this scenario are found on the template and try to be as original and creative as possible, the longer the reply the better but the minimum is a seven-nine sentence paragraph. There is no godmodding allowed in this, or any other part of the site. Godmodding is controlling someone else’s character, for example: making them do an action, or say something.

Once this is approved you’re almost there but there may still be one more step. The WEAPON/DEVICE TEMPLATE, like the alien creation template, may not apply to you. This is for any and all pieces of technology your character possesses, not just weapons. The ‘Name’ field does not mean the equipment needs a nickname, but rather ‘wooden stick’ would count as a name (although I’m sure you have something far more interesting in mind)

No image is required, but if you do not include an image, make sure you describe its appearance in detail as well as its abilities. Then you take and submit it to the WEAPON CREATION to wait for a review by one of our mods/admins or site owners. Once this is approved you are there and are ready to roleplay. This is a fairly long process but it is necessary. The staff of Docwhorp thank you for your time and wish you luck. Allons-y!

-Anonymous Chicken
~Site Moderator

~Site Owner

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How to submit your character
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