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 Alison Parks

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Alison Parks

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PostSubject: Alison Parks   Alison Parks I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 16, 2014 8:31 pm

Species: Human.
Age: 23 years.
Gender: Female.
Occupation: Waitress at her parents' restaraunt, but currently in law school.
Status:Middle class citizen.

Hair:loose curly long blonde hair just above her stomach.
Eyes: denim blue.
Height: 5"5.
Figure: She's very curvy, and she usually hides it when she can. She's sort of uncomfortable with it, despite how many people tell her how pretty she is for her age.
Other: small nose piercing in right nostril, multiple ear piercings (standard lobe both ears, conch left ear, cartilage in right ear, rook in right ear and forward helix in both).
Clothing: She usually wears various washes of skinny jeans, and band merch. Alison occasionally wears a black leather jacket over a white tank top with black jeans and combat boots. Depends how she's feeling.
Family: Her parents live a few blocks away above their restaurant, while Alison moved out into her own flat when she was nineteen.
Personality: Alison is a very caring person, but also a strong woman. She has a dry sense of humor which most people get a kick out of. She's very personable, which comes with being a waitress. She helps everyone and anyone, which is why so many people go to her for things.
Strengths: Despite her build and stature, she's physically fit. Alison is also a quick thinker, which gets her out of sticky situations.
Weaknesses: Because she's a quick thinker, her solutions for things may or may not be as rational as they should.
Likes: She loves going to new places, and all sorts of travel.
Dislikes: Although being an avid traveler, she doesn't like being away from home for too long.

Dream: N/A
History: Alison was born in 1991 in Blackpool, and she was an only child. She was good in school, got good marks and didn't cause a lot of trouble. When she was a teenager, she continued her reputation in school, became head girl and was top in her year. She had a few boyfriends here and there, but none all that serious.

HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Explain how you came across our website. I typed "doctor who rp" in google and clicked "I'm feeling lucky" and here I am.

The Doctor is stuck under a flickering streetlamp; you are on the opposite side of the street. It's midnight, no moon or stars, the only lights around are the lamp the Doctor is under, and the light in front of a closed store you stand under.

The only way to the Doctor is to cross the dark street, easy, right? Wrong. This planet is well-known for being infested with Vashta Nerada. Any shadow anywhere could be infested with them. You have a small pack on your back with several items in it that you could use to get to him.

-A carrot
-The Doctor's Sonic screwdriver
-A chicken leg
-A flashlight
-Box of matches
-A rubber duck
-A raincoat

Alison was walking down the street back to her flat after her shift and the restaurant, headphones in and music loud. While going to change her song, she noticed something strange. The streetlamp in front of her had two shadows. That was odd. The lamp flickered, and went out. Silently cursing to herself, she took off her pack and dug around for a flashlight. When she found it, she turned it on and checked her own shadow. Still one. She sighed with relief, and crossed the street.

When she did, she saw a man fumbling in his pockets. As she got closer, she heard him mumbling to himself.

"Bow tie, cool. Sonic, still missing. It has to be somewhere, I know I didn't leave it in the TARDIS.." he said.

"You alright, mate?" she asked. The man jumped at the sound of her voice.

"Where did you get that torch?" he asked.

"In my pack. I've got loads of odd things in here," she said.

The man turned to her and began walking. "Enough chat. This place is filled with Vashta Nerada. Let me see your pack,"

Without question, Alison handed it to him, and he look through it. When he found something of use, he gave the pack back to her and grinned. "You had my sonic!" he said.

"Your what?"

"My sonic screwdriver. What's your name?"

"Alison Parks," she said, skeptical.

"Okay, Alison Parks. I'm the Doctor. Now follow me!"

The man who called himself the Doctor took off running. Intrigued, Alison followed.
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PostSubject: Re: Alison Parks   Alison Parks I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 17, 2014 3:39 am

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

It's a good start but there are a few things I need you to look at before I can approve it.
1) you need a picture, if you're having trouble uploading it to the thread, just post a link, or set as your profile picture
2) Your history needs a bit more depth: Did you go to college? Have you ever encountered any aliens or monsters? that kind of thing. You might want to reconsider your dream field as part of that
3) most importantly, You need to retry your rp sample because we do not allow godmodding here. You controlled the Doctor, who is not your character and so is not allowed. Please edit or redo that

After that, I think you're good to go. Smile

The Master:
'He enjoyed being afraid of the dark a little too much and it swallowed him' - The 2nd Doctor
'The Time Lord's most infamous child' - Rassilon

'His methods aren't the most orthodox but he gets results' - Sophie Smith
'You do know your cat probably has more sanity than you do' - Robin Terrell
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Alison Parks

Join date : 2014-02-16
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PostSubject: Re: Alison Parks   Alison Parks I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 17, 2014 12:14 pm

Oh, okay. Sorry about that then.
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PostSubject: Re: Alison Parks   Alison Parks I_icon_minitime

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Alison Parks
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