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 Gallifrey Falls Once More (remake)

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13th Doctor

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PostSubject: Gallifrey Falls Once More (remake)   Tue Feb 18, 2014 5:32 pm

It was foretold in a prophecy older than time itself. The prodigal son of Gallifrey returns, only to watch is home burn. Even his many forms could not stop the battle. This shall lead to war, and ends with him knocking on Death's door. The end of him, all of him, is near. But in the end, it will a be clear. The prophecy was about man. A man who did nothing but run all his life. Hes had many faces, and these faces would have seen horror that day. The day The Doctor brought back Gallifrey.

Gallifrey, the planet saved, still in another universe. The Timelords had still not given up on breaking back into the universe. Many attempts, all failed. They would never succeed at it. "Sir, something has come through the sky trench of Arcadia!" A young Timelord had yelled to Rassilon, the president of the High Council of the Timelords. "Impossible!" He exclaimed, pushing the young man out of the way. But there he saw, a man who had blood on his hands, a man who's many faces were burned in the back of Rassilon's mind. The man, who saved the Timelords.
"I come here, baring good news! My name is of no importance, just know, the Timelords have been set free! I have found a hole in the univers! Gallifrey returns!" The man yells over the crowd now cheering because of his announcement. This man was The Doctor. The Papal mainframe had much uneededly guarded the hole in the universe. No enemies were within a billion light years of the hole. It was a secluded part of the universe, but part of it all the same.

"Doctor." Rassilon pushed himself through the crowd. "Rassilon." The Doctor said equally unexcited. "You have nerve Doctor, I'll give you that. You come here, offering us a place back. Yet last time we tried to return, you sent us back." "You were going to kill billions. I could leave you here again, alone in this void, but I won't. I owe you. You saved my life on Trenzalore." The Doctor says graciously. "I have one condition Mr. President. The Timelords come in peace, or they don't come at all." Rassilon turns his back to The Doctor, facing the crowd. Razing both hands, Rassilon yells over the crowd. "Gallifrey rises again!"
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5th Doctor

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PostSubject: Re: Gallifrey Falls Once More (remake)   Wed Feb 26, 2014 1:38 pm

The Doctor sat in a peaceful, outdoor cafe somewhere on the edges of Paris. The day was bright and cool, with a light breeze filtering through the tables. The Doctor smiled a peaceful, blissful smile that could only come from a satisfaction he had long forgotten he could have. He observed the spread in front of him, thoroughly enjoying the platter of cheeses and toasted slices of breads, along with a bottle of vintage Chateau de Ingrid wine from 1903. He couldn't help but be giddy at the fact that he didn't have to share his spread with cybermen or daleks, he didn't have to chase after Ice Warriors or Krotons, he didn't even have to keep an eye on Nyssa or Teagen. He just had himself and the spread, plus the company of several little Parisians that surrounded him, enjoying the same little delicacies that he was indulging in.

The Doctor poured himself a glass of wine, took a long sniff into the glass, and sipped, letting out a small Mmmmm! of satisfaction. He good a small slice of cheese and toast and brought it up to his mouth, releasing a small crunch and dribbling some crumbs down onto his coat. He brushed the crumbs off. He looked up to his surrounding Parisians and immediately froze.

The surrounding people had stopped talking, stopped moving, stopped breathing. All of them had now turned their heads to face the Doctor, who was mid-bite. He looked at all the people, and sat his toast back down onto the platter. Their eyes were piercing and unwavering.

He got up. They watching him get up. They got up. The Doctor looked over his shoulder to the dull beauty of a Police Box that he arrived in, and looked back at the crowd. They looked over to the TARDIS, looked back at the Doctor, and smiled in unison. In an instant, the Doctor was running right to the box, searching his pockets for the keys to the door. He didn't dare look back for fear of knowing that the crowd would be following him.

Before he reached the door, it opened by itself, allowing him to hop right in and slam the door closed. As soon as he closed the door, the familiar wheezing and groaning of the dematerialization circuit. The Doctor's hearts were racing, but he was relieved that he was no longer being chased by...whatever that was back there.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out his handkerchief. He patted his head and gave a small sigh. "Why is it always me?" He wandered over to the console screen and flipped a few switches.

"Curiouser and curiouser...where are we off to now?" He scratched his head in confusion and wonderment, hoping that wherever the old girl was taking him wouldn't be a dead end once more....
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Gallifrey Falls Once More (remake)
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