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 Madame Nora Greenward

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PostSubject: Madame Nora Greenward   Madame Nora Greenward I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 23, 2014 12:45 am

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Madame Nora Greenwald

Species: Human (Earthling)
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Occupation: Paranormal investigator and psychic medium
Status: Lower-middle class citizen

Hair: A shade of dark brown, nearly black, cut into a stylish bob. It's often hidden under a brightly hued, often eccentrically styled cloche.

Eyes: Her eyes shimmer like a pine forest dripping after a rain storm, with streaks of hazel and green shooting like a nebulous form, capped in a ring of jade.

Height: Somewhere around 6' 3''

Figure: Lanky and skinny, stretched out, but she reeks of a forgotten beauty.

Other: She has a hook-shaped scar on her lower back from an injury she refuses to speak of.....

Clothing: Nora has long since stopped trying to conform to the typical standard of beauty. She has resorted to wearing vibrant shades of tube dresses and matching cloche hats, complimented with long, low-hanging beads and either black or white high heels. In chilly weather, she'll often sport a large fur coat, stole, or silk wrap. She'll often accent her outfits with eccentric broaches studded with rhinestones.

-1 living brother. He currently is travelling the world, more than liking with the Maharaja in India.

Nora was always raised on the golden rule: treat others as you would want them to treat you. She has always given respect to her colleagues, but has been known to have an attitude towards those whom she does not like. She has several techniques of achieving information and getting what she wants.

-She has a sense of humor that seems odd and cynical. She mostly uses it when she’s nervous.
-She has an understanding of the paranormal and would be classified as a “time sensitive.”
-She has impeccable fashion sense that would knock the socks off any mysterious person she met.

-She has periodic episodes of delusion where she’ll go into trances and be virtually unreachable.
-She has a horrible sense of budgeting. She cannot monitor sense of money or ludicrous amounts.

-Horribly tasteless outfits

-Ignorant tyrants
-Technology beyond her comprehension

Dream: There has to be more in the universe than just us…


Nora Greenwald was born, like a great many of us, naked, poor, and under her own birth name (Lucille Gnaw) to two socialites of the early 19th century. She was the 4th child of these two socialites, who ended up having two more children after her.

Growing up in Arkham, Massachusetts at the top of the century, Nora was always keen to make an impression and be somebody. She attended some of the better schools in the area, making sure to achieve the best possible education a woman could at the time.

In 1909, while Lucille and her youngest brother were outside playing, Lucille doubled over in pain and agony, fainting into a puddle of mud and grass. As her little brother came over to console her, a horrible storm of lightning, wind, and thunder had formed above their house and swept it away into the abyss, never being seen or heard of again. All that had remained of the house was a deep chasm in the Earth from where the house had been ripped out, and a small gold pendant that housed the silhouettes of her parents.

Lucille had awoken and was informed on her situation. She vowed to make it her life goal to find out what happened to her parents and bring them back from whence they'd gone. She sought advice from many people in town who then dismissed her as crazy and childish. That was until she had met a man with a similar goal and interest in what she was seeking. He was a local author who seemed worldly and philosophical. He recommended she check out the local Miskatonic University.

While at Miskatonic University, she discovered she had a powerful ability to sense the abnormal and extraterrestrial, anything ranging from a small wrinkle in time to rips in the fabric in reality, even communicating with paranormal anomalies. With her recently discovered powers, she lead expeditions into crypts, mausoleums, centuries old temples, cemeteries, and sites of unimaginable horror. After leading these adventures, she decided that she wanted to use her powers for good, but was always scolded by the general public to keep her "powers" secret and peruse normal careers like being a secretary or a telephone operator.

After leaving Miskatonic, she pursued normal careers for a while, only to find herself at several dead end jobs, having more interest in giving readings to her boss and coworkers than anything else.

After years of trying to keep up with "normal society", Lucille decided to go freelance and create a whole new persona for herself. She went into business with the local paranormal magazine and opening up a shop for psychic readings and spiritual advice. There, Madame Nora Greenwald was born.

She always sought for more than what she could see. She craved adventure, eccentricity. And this is where we meet our hero…

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PostSubject: Re: Madame Nora Greenward   Madame Nora Greenward I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 23, 2014 7:46 am

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Madame Nora Greenward
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