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 Braxien Lythis vers.2 (?)

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PostSubject: Braxien Lythis vers.2 (?)   Braxien Lythis vers.2 (?) I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 23, 2014 7:04 am

Right, let me explain.

I was thinking quite hard but I think I want to keep Braxien but change a bit of his history, maybe have him brain washed and make him a normal human, but with a twist of DW.

Okay, I'm going to post Brax's version two as I don't want to spam the character creation area. Its not a third character, just a change in his personality?

Braxien Lythis vers.2 (?) Pictures-of-stephen-amell

Braxien Lythis (Could change name to: Yalti Lythis?)

Species: Human
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Occupation: Phone shop worker --> Winter: Ski/ snowboarding instructor
Status: Citizen

Hair: Blonde/ Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'4"
Figure: Short but athletic
Other: A few scars around the body from various skiing injuries
Clothing: In summer: A dark brown jacket and any t-shirt that is lying around his house. In winter: Slightly baggy orange sallopettes and a black instructor jacket.

Family: 3 siblings: 2 sisters and one brother, mother and father in Iceland
Personality: Fairly friendly and enjoys a good joke around but will be serious if he doesn't get something or when he needs to be.

Strengths: Strong snowboarder and knows his way around the alps, understands 3 other languages (including an alien one)

Weakness: Finds it hard to be around the city and cannot navigate it well and gets confused with his languages (slipping between them constantly)

Likes: Skiing, reading, extra terrestrials
Dislikes: Busy crowds, not being able to understand or relate to others.
Dream: To be able to travel the world and find various slopes but also to prove that aliens do exist.

History: He was brought up in a large family in London and at the age of five, was brought over to Iceland and worked in his father's phone shop and by age 7 was a fairly good skier. He skipped school often in winter times to compete in various tournaments, when he found a mysterious gem, of alien origin. This spurred his adventurous spirit and went around the world, trying to find more of these gems and became a ski instructor at the age of 19 and is continuing the job currently. But when he turned 21, he had an accident, falling into a large cavern and breaking his leg, preventing him from skiing for two years.

He occasionally returns to the phone shop to earn extra cash in the summer and checks up on the gems that he stores at the back in a large safe.

HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Well…I've been on here for a while.

((I was wondering, although Braxien is in loads of RPs, this could be his half-brother/ brother and Braxien is gone missing? I got slightly tired of Brax, sorry to all that are in RPs…I just wanted a change in character...))

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Braxien Lythis vers.2 (?)
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