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 Slippery slopes

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Slippery slopes Empty
PostSubject: Slippery slopes   Slippery slopes I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 23, 2014 1:56 pm

((Closed to Robin and Yalti (Formerly brax)))

Snow flew up around Yalti as he made a sharp parallel turn, almost slipping off the run that he was currently on. Although, he was a experienced skier and a professional snowboarder, he never enjoyed going off-piste. He had heard all sorts of nasty rumors that aliens were lurking in woods.

Yalti slid into a halt as he made it to the middle of the mountain, and watched other snowboarders and skiers speed past him. Yalti enjoyed having time off from teaching the children how to ski.

"Hey! Yalti, hvernig gengur? Hef ekki séð þig um stund!" * Another instructor skidded to halt, spraying snow across his skis.

"Já, verið að kenna krökkunum hvernig á að skíði." ** Yalti replied, chuckling as he watched the other instructor nod and head down the mountain.

It was lunchtime, but there wasn't any café's around. He positioned himself and sat himself down, pulling out his packed lunch. Better having something, rather than ski on an empty stomach.

((Translations: *Hey! Yalti, how's it going? Haven't seen you for a while!, **Yeah, been teaching kids how to ski. ))

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Slippery slopes
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