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 Election Results

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10th Doctor/Eric Jason
Site Owner
Site Owner

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PostSubject: Election Results   Sun Apr 13, 2014 10:00 am


11th Doctor - 8 votes
Result: 11th Doctor by 7 votes
David Chase - 1 vote


Romana 2 - 4 votes
Result : Tie
Dakota - 4 votes

Site Owner:

No - 4 votes
Result: No
Yes - 3 votes

~ The tie between Romana and Dakota will be decided between the two site owners and Administrator. I understand that another vote for Dakota was posted but the poster only had 1 single post in the forum and that was to vote for Dakota. I will not count that vote due to the overwhelming fact that they have not been on the site long enough to make that decision. Much less created a character or RP'ed.

~ 11th Doctor will be trained under the great and trusting power of our current Head Moderator Anonymous Chicken aka CoCo. I will trust him to train you during her own time. We will check up on your progress throughout this period of time before you are given your honorary color and title once given the all clear by AC.

~ Romana and Dakota: I will PM you both on the result once it is decided, then you will be trained by Natteh. She will train the winner on her own time and just like 11, we will check up on your progress throughout this process. When Natteh gives the all clear, you will then receive your honorary color and title.

I'd like to thank all who participated and hope that you continue to enjoy your time here on DocWhoRP.

~Your Site Owners, 10th Doctor & Tyra/Dageus


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PostSubject: Re: Election Results   Sun Apr 13, 2014 3:15 pm

*ahem* his own time. XD

The Master:
'He enjoyed being afraid of the dark a little too much and it swallowed him' - The 2nd Doctor
'The Time Lord's most infamous child' - Rassilon

'His methods aren't the most orthodox but he gets results' - Sophie Smith
'You do know your cat probably has more sanity than you do' - Robin Terrell
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Election Results
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