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 Ash Nerado

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Ash Nerado
Ash Nerado

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PostSubject: Ash Nerado   Ash Nerado I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 15, 2014 2:33 pm


Character Name: Ash Nerado

Species: Human



Occupation: Journalist/Author

Status: Famous/Semi-rich

Hair: Blond with natural brown highlights



Figure: Slim

Other: no tattoos or scars. 

Clothing: Ash usually wears black jeans and whatever shirt is on the top of her drawer. For meetings, she wears professional clothing such as skirts and dress shirts. 

Family: Only her Uncle Mike. Her parents and siblings drowned in a freak bus crash. The bus driver fell asleep, and nearly everyone drowned in the water. Ash and one other person survived. 

Personality: Ash is an introvert, keeping to herself and her books. Whenever she does talk to people, it's in a quiet voice. She is definitely shy, and only has a handful of friends. She does have a bit of wit though, so beware! Smile

Strengths: Grammar, intelligence.

Weakness: Doesn't take criticism very well, shy, doesn't like to give speeches. 

Likes: Reading, writing, walking, hiking.

Dislikes: Talking, swimming, water. buses.

Dream: Her dream is to become a world-known author. She wants her books to be in every shelf! 

History: As a child, Ash always loved to write.Fiction was her favorite, and she would have her mom read what she wrote. Ash's mom was her person that she would talk to all the time, and Ash would go to her with her problems. This is why it was so emotionally taxing when her mom died. Ash did have a father, but he didnt care too much for his daughters. His main focus was his son. Ash's sister Rebecca was quiet just like Ash, and they got along great. Her brother, however, daddy's pride and joy, was another story. Daniel was his name, and he was the arrogant brother everyone wished they didn't have. A major athlete, he would always brag about how good he was. Daniel wasn't on good terms with any of the females in the house. 

One day when Ash was 14, Ash's mom decided that the family needed a vacation. They were on a tour bus in a different country, and they were on their way to a beach. But, unfortunately, they would make it to the beach in a horrible way. The driver of the bus was slowly falling asleep, because he had a sleeping problem that made him fall asleep at random points during the day. As he fell asleep, his foot slowly accelerated on the gas pedal. Everyone else was too busy on their phones to notice. All of a sudden, they plunged into the ocean! The bus hit something, flipped over, and landed in the water! Now the driver was up! Everyone else started freaking out, but it was far too late. The bus started filling with water. Ash got out with the help of one other person. While everyone had their focus on getting the front door of the bus open, they totally forgot about the back. So Ash and this man both struggled with a back door, and finally pushed it open. For some reason, as soon as they got out, the door slammed and the bus began to sink faster. 

Later, on the beach with a towel around her, Ash mourned for her lost family. Her drowned family. The police asked her if she had any other family, and she nodded. Her Uncle Mike was the only one left that she knew about, so she told them his address.
She spent the next five years in silence, only talking when she needed to. She made exactly two other friends where her uncle lived, and those five years were hard.
Ash struggled through the rest of middle school, then high school, and later moved away with one of her best friends. His name is Marcos, and she lives currently in his house as a roomate while she writes her stories and articles for the local newspaper. Her other friend, Cierra, pops in once in awhile to see how everyones doing. After she went to college, however, Cierra became a huge actress, and didnt have much time for Marcos or  Ash. 
Ash still lives with Marcos, and still he reminds her of her brother. Even though he was a jerk, she still misses Daniel and the rest of her family. Sometimes she really wishes she could go back and save them...

HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Explain how you came across our website.
Dakota Hemmel- she's my classmate.

This section is for you to show us your roleplaying skills. 

Ash stood in the light of a closed store and shivered in the midnight breeze. Vashta Nerada were common in this planet, yet the Doctor had somehow gotten them trapped in a virtually pitch-black area. Perfect. Ash wished she had her notebook, though; this would make a perfect story. 
Shivering again, she realized that she had forgotten about her backpack. Pawing through it, she threw a useless rubber duck across the street. Ash also took out the chicken leg, deeming it useful for getting the Doctor and herself out of this situation. One thing caught her attention. The Doctor's sonic! This she could really use. Throwing the chicken piece in front of her, into the shadows, she hoped it wouldnt turn to bone. Unfortunately, the leg turned into a leg bone. Awesome. Ash then took the Doctor's sonic and tried to expand the light from the Doctor's streetlight. Good thing that worked! The light slowly expanded until she could safely walk across on a path of light. Ash made sure not to let her shadow touch the other shadows, the shadows that hid something worse than dark. 
As soon as she had made it over to the Doctor, she waved. "So, you come here often?
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PostSubject: Re: Ash Nerado   Ash Nerado I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 15, 2014 3:16 pm

It looks good to me. I give this my stamp of approval Very Happy


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Ash Nerado
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