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 **Forum Guidelines**

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PostSubject: **Forum Guidelines**   Tue Jun 04, 2013 8:58 am

Alright, I know some of the newer people on here have tried to do something or made a character that wasn't accepted or anything. Here are a few guidelines to help you all figure out what is accepted, and what isn't.

  • Time Lord Characters: Alright, we accept that we do run a Doctor Who RP forum, and yes, we understand there are millions of Whovians out there that would rather have a Time Lord character other than a Slitheen or Cyberman or human. But besides Cannon Time Lords, we really don't want that many. A few months back on our old site, we had an explosion of Time Lords. Literally, we had more of them than humans and that is saying a bit considering most of the RPs took place on Earth. So please, if you have A Time Lord character, either talk to myself, or the Tenth Doctor about it and we'll see if maybe it will be accepted in. We are rather picky, and not every Time Lord will be accepted. Please post your character in the Character creation thread.

  • Character weapons/gadgets: PLEASE, if you have a weapon/gadget, follow the line of Doctor Who philosophy. If you have a Sonic screwdriver, IT CANNOT HURT PEOPLE, for one it uses electrical impulses and sound waves to do what it does, and two, according to Doctor Who 'Doesn't kill, doesn't wound, doesn't maim.' Anything else, besides a Sonic, well its pretty usual, guns yes they are allowed, Vortex manipulators are allowed as well, if you like to have the same thing everyone else has lately. TARDISes... I don't know about that, if you are a Doctor, or a version of the Doctor [Like Theta for example] you have a TARDIS by default. I don't know about anyone else. Please post your weapon/gadget in the Weapons Creation thread.

  • Chatroom: IF you have an issue with someone in the chat [highly unlikely considering we all LOVE each other] get a hold of either myself or the Tenth Doctor, we will take care of it. Don't try to do it yourself, things will only get worse.

  • RolePlay: Do NOT USE *Action* Rp. Please, we are not a chatroom, we are a forum. Take your time and actually type out a portion of your story. If you have issues with exactly how you should reply, take a peek at some of the other Rps to see how other users do it.

  • Characters: If you want to make a Cannon Character, please, look through the list of users and make sure the one you want to be isn't taken already. If it is, choose another one, we don't like doubles of the same person, It causes a lot of confusion. If you are making an OC, be as creative as you want! As long as they adhere to the guidelines and it is accepted in the Character Creation Thread, then you are free to use them.

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**Forum Guidelines**
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