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 The Kheri (bad guys)

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PostSubject: The Kheri (bad guys)   Tue Apr 22, 2014 11:04 pm

Name: Kheri

Appearance: The Kheri are humanoid, but have yellowish fur with a black stripe running along the back and extending to the tip of the tail. Three black stripes run vertically along their sides. The Kheri also have stripes on their legs, and their eyes are extremely light sensitive.

Attitude: Warlike and mean, the Kheri like to kill and do it well. Their greatest warrior, Thofa Kaarjy, set the record for most kills in a lifetime at 200,000. They have no morals and enjoy being the bully.

Technology: Plasma technology is the most prevalent (plasma weapons, mostly). They have limited space travel, which they use to conquer any nearby planets or species.

Backstory: Some species are just born bad, and the Kheri seem to be one of them. They evolved to be the only intelligent life on their planet, Mini. From the very beginning, they were a tribal people, often making war with neighboring tribes. As the race grew older ans smarter, their aggression never really subsided.

They were smart enough, however, to realize that war between their own people would only lead to the extinction of their race. A planetwide peace treaty was (grudgingly) made.

By this time, the Kheri had discovered space travel and had begun to explore the planets around them. One nearby planet, Galli, was the home to humans, which they quickly conquered and enslaved.

Not too long after, the Kheri started making allies with the neighboring aliens they were incapable of conquering.

Present: The Kheri now control a successful slave market. The humans from Galli are bred and sold to the Kheri's allies. Most of the time, they stay on their own planet, but occasionally they'll be seen on their allies' homeworlds.
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PostSubject: Re: The Kheri (bad guys)   Tue Apr 22, 2014 11:07 pm


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The Kheri (bad guys)
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