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 The Tovuska

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Lea Henderson

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PostSubject: The Tovuska   Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:42 am

Name: Tovuska

Appearance: Tovuska look very similar to kittens (when acting friendly) but with metallic bronze fur, larger paws, and a narrower head. They are about knee high on the average human and get around on all fours. However, they reveal retractable, piranha-like fangs and long, curved claws when going in for the kill.

Attitude: The Tovuska are a savage race where only the strong survive. The weak, old, and deformed are left to die if they're lucky or ripped apart and cannibalised if they're not. However, large groups can get along together, with the strongest female as the leader until someone else takes over. Other races are seen as allies, food, or hunting practice.

Technology: They do not have their own spacecraft, but they do obtain them from other planets. Instead of engineering technology themselves, they mostly steal or trade for it.

Backstory: The Tovuska evolved to deceive predators with their infantile appearance. They appear similar to the young of one of their former predators; one Tovuska would pretend to be an injured child while the others in its pack lay in wait. Once the unsuspecting creature was close enough, the trap was sprung and it was ripped to pieces and quickly devoured.

As the cities on their planet, Ulassari, began to expand and industrialize, their native forests shrank. Many of their original predators and prey went extinct, hunted by the city peoples for meat and skins. The Tovuska continued to hunt, though, luring tourists into the woods.

By this time, other races had discovered them and realized their potential. An influential diplomat could be easily assassinated by  giving them the gift of a sedated Tovuska or two and simply waiting for the inevitable. The Tovuska eventually evolved into a sentient species and started demanding a share of the profits.

Present: The Tovuska are now mercenaries, hiring themselves out as assassins. Their services are sought out by many, allowing them access to the latest spacecraft and weapons in exchange. There are small packs living on several planets, hidden high in the trees and deep in the cities. Back on Ulassari, they have control of their own cities and have entire territories living in fear. A group of adolescents will often lay siege to a town as a coming-of-age ritual.
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Lucius Tyler Vulneras
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PostSubject: Re: The Tovuska   Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:56 am

This is definitely an interesting idea!


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The Tovuska
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