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 Just Blew In From Arc-2

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PostSubject: Just Blew In From Arc-2   Just Blew In From Arc-2 I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 23, 2014 10:49 pm

Victoria growled quietly as she guided her battered old cargo ship through the Earth's atmosphere. It had been her intention to jump to Alpha Centauri, but her calculations indicated that the ship wouldn't hold together through another kinetic boost. Any sufficiently advanced radar or satellite would easily detect her ship as it descended towards what was commonly known as Ireland and landed just a few kilometers away from a rocky coastline. She had deduced that the people of this planet were not terribly advanced by the fact that they had no docking platforms for an advanced, interstellar vessel. Also, Victoria had not been contacted upon entering the solar system.
The ship was jolted lightly as it touched down, and made just a few unpleasant noises as the landing gear adjusted to the uneven ground. Victoria rose from the pilot's seat and made her way down to the airlock and cargo bay. This part of the planet was not usually sunny. In-fact, it was often cloudy and rainy. This was brilliant news to the incredibly pale girl.

Victoria had landed on Earth two days ago. In this time, she had managed to get human clothing and tools. She had also deactivated her ship's propulsion system to conserve power so she could devote energy to it's cloaking systems. The ship couldn't turn invisible, of course. It simply was very good at remaining undetected to scanning equipment and the like. Repairs were slow, but going well enough. Victoria's only problem was the learning curve for human speech. The local languages were nothing like her own. As a direct result, she only managed bits and pieces of the human language. It was enough to work with the local towns. Said local towns regarded the strange, pale girl with the clothes that made her look like she was from America's Wild West as an oddity that nobody was sure how to find.

Today, the oddity was walking through a larger city that was nearby in search of a car. She didn't actually want the car, just it's battery and metal. Her tools were running low on juice, and it would provide a few more days of power. So, it was for this reason one might see a pale girl with her ears hidden under a black stetson walking through an Irish city. The girl would be quiet, have her head down, and be keeping her hands in her pockets.
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Just Blew In From Arc-2
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