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 Lilith Anne Morrigan

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Lilith Morrigan/Rose T.
Lilith Morrigan/Rose T.

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PostSubject: Lilith Anne Morrigan   Lilith Anne Morrigan I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 24, 2014 11:48 pm

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Lilith Anne Morrigan

Species: Human
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Occupation: N/A
Status: Daughter of a politician.

Lilith is short, standing at 5 foot 3, with a small but slightly stocky(solid) build. She is more on the skinny side, weighing 100 pounds, and has a b-cup breast size, but her hips and thighs are wider, giving her a pear-shape. Her hair is black, straight, and flat, parted to the side and styled very simply(though it’s often tangled). She has typical beach-girl skin - Tanned, clear, and soft. Her eyes are round and wide and tipped up slightly, showing Asian heritage. Though, their color is light green with short, thick black eyelashes. Her face is heart-shaped with high cheekbones and a “celestial” nose, giving her a very child-like look. Her general clothing is black on black- Tight fitting t-shirts and jeans, and nothing else. She doesn’t use accessories nor is she very girly.

Family: Cliff Morrigan and Eve Morrigan are her parents. She is an only child (she had a sister who died young)
Personality: Generally, Lilith keeps to herself. She hates speaking in front of crowds, but does so loudly and confidently if needed- Though, she never feels confident. Her demeanor is generally brusque if she is giving orders or simply doesn’t know you, even if not intended, but it’s not a constant mask. She shows humanity, just as everyone else does, and isn’t a cold person.
Her sense of humor is rather sarcastic, and at times can be unkind, though she tries not to be generally. She finds dark humor in things, and may laugh at sad or unfortunate situations whereas most might cry. Lilith doesn’t often find time for humor, but when she does it’s very macabre and doesn’t appeal to many people other than herself.
Her emotions are subject to change at any time. It makes her behavior erratic, with rapidly cycling highs and lows that are similar to bipolar disorder, but more hectic and with more variety. Whereas bipolar is manic and depressive, she cycles through a whole range of emotions very violently, especially within a large group of people. The only emotion she doesn’t reflect is anger- She rarely ever gets angry, and when she does, it’s scary. Almost like a hurricane over land, and only those closest to her are safe in the eye of the storm. Part of her quiet nature is because of this- She learned to contain herself long ago, or else people wouldn’t want to be around her.
However once she begins to talk to you, you’ll notice that she’s actually very friendly, though sad. Much of her life has been disappointment and envy, so she has a bitter edge to her personality. A few traits shine through her muddied background- Leadership skills, an innate need to be helpful, and a protective streak. She’s almost motherly, but her insecurities conflict with these traits, even if they do show through. Her confidence is shaky and her leadership is easily challenged unless angered or in a very stressful situation. Stress puts her into overdrive mode, and she is the most calm and efficient one under high pressure. However, break down can be imminent if things do not go as planned. She can be fine one moment and completely snap the next if things get too intense.
The most personal part of her is mainly sadness. Most of her inner feelings- The kind you repress day-to-day but never go away- Are feelings of inferiority and a need to be loved  by someone, anyone. Her insecurities stem from the belief that she is a freak and is never good enough for anyone. Generally, if these feelings are touched upon, she shows a rare emotion- Anger. She snaps at anyone who comes close to the shell around her core, and pushes away those who attempt to break through it. Despite wanting something to change within herself, she won’t trust anyone enough to let them help her make that change.
Strengths: Intelligent, good at decision-making, courageous, and a good liar (but she tries not to do that)
Weakness: Emotions can break or make her easily, she has a hard time maintaining close friendships, she is physically weak, and finds it difficult to self-improve.
Likes: The ocean, music, adventure, and the macabre.
Dislikes: Authority, having to put up an act, monotony, and being forced to interact with people.
Dream: Lilith dreams of a better life for herself- Something exciting and mystical. An adventure during which she can come out of her shell.

History: Lilith was born in California to Eve Morrigan and Cliff Morrigan. Her mother works as a politician and her father is a very well-known architect who is held in high regards throughout the country. Her mother hated her from birth, while her father has always adored her. Eve never gave her daughter love, believing she was inhuman and “not her daughter”. Eve always referred to her as “Cliff’s daughter” to others. Despite this, Lilith had a fairly happy childhood for her first few years. She had one sister who was born when she was 2, but died when a truck hit her on her bike at 6 years old. Lilith was 8 at the time and didn’t care much, reinforcing her mother’s belief that she was a freak and not right in the head.
From the moment she was old enough to understand, Lilith had an obsession with dolls. Through her early childhood she begged for them or tried to obtain them on her own, but her mother always withheld the plush toys due to her own paranoia. Eve thought Lilith would practice voodoo with them. In fourth grade, Lilith took her sewing kit to a junkyard and made herself a doll, calling her beloved friend Kerosene. As a child, Lilith never had many friends- By choice, though. She much preferred her own company, as she had a large and active imagination.
The years flew by until graduation, and her number of friends grew rapidly. She came out of her shell in Junior and Senior year, becoming school president for both years. Her good qualities shone through for those two golden years, but when she graduated, things went downhill. Her mother and father divorced and she went to live with her father, 18 years old with any college she wanted on the table and no desire to do anything. She found typical life boring and wanted something more. She always knew there would be something exciting in her life, and rejected the idea of college and a “respectable” job. Slowly, she grew disenchanted with the world.
She now remains in the same state she was at 12 years old- Reclusive, bitter, and dark-humored with very few friends and even less to live for. She waits for something exciting to fill her life and allow her to come out of her shell again.

HOW DID YOU FIND US?: A simple google search.

Roleplaying part

Lilith grimaced at the pack in her hands, silently ridiculing the contents of it. Whoever had loaded this blasted thing had obviously missed a key element: Logic! The only things that looked mildly useful were the odd-looking screwdriver-type-device and the flashlight. Otherwise, she had no idea what a rubber duck, carrot, chicken leg, or raincoat could do to help her. The book of matches might come in handy.
Her present situation looked rather dire, hence the impatience with her limited supplies. The funny man she had met just hours before whom had been teeming with life and excitement (the magic word as far as she was concerned) was now stuck under a flickering, dying street lamp. The shadows around Lilith and the man were deadly- Some sort of night monster, she remembered someone on this planet explaining to her just minutes before the street lamps had gone out. She shuddered, remembering a few horrified screams as they had done so. So, Lilith had to find a way to save this man before the street lamp went out.
The screwdriver seemed like her best bet- It looked… Electronic, for lack of a better word. She picked it up and pressed a small button on the side. It promptly began to glow and emit an odd, high-pitched buzzing. Lilith, being the calm-and-collected-genius she was, yelped and dropped it. It hadn’t hurt her, so she decided to give it another go. She picked the thing up and tried pointing it at the dim lights above herself. It must have been sonic, with the noise it was giving off. The light brightened considerably, expanding almost to the street beside her. That helped. It barely touched the gutter, shortening the distance between the strange man and the light she was under. Perhaps it would work on his light, too, if only she could get close enough.
She turned to the other things in her pack, pulling out the chicken leg and flashlight next. She wasn’t very hungry, but the man might be a bit peckish, so she figured it couldn’t hurt to toss him a little something. Lilith flung the chicken leg into the darkness, hoping it’d reach him, but knowing how bad her throwing arm was and how foolish it was to consider food at a time like this. The meat vanished off the bone just in front of where the light from the street lamp ended and Lilith gasped. She remembered another thing, just then- They ate any flesh they could find on the spot. At least now she knew how far she could go…
The flashlight might help. She tried to “sonic” it, and the light became blindingly bright, extending 4 feet in front of her. She smiled, happy with her results, and flicked it off for now. No sense in wasting the battery, so she left it in the pack. Next, she pulled out the carrot. Perhaps they ate vegetables too? Omnivorous shadows, how quaint. She tossed it into the darkness, and nothing happened. Maybe they didn’t like carrots? She moved on to the rubber duck and wondered just how many drugs the person who had packed this bag had been on. Whatever the case, she could see literally no use for the duck and squeeze it a few times. The squeaking was oddly satisfying, but more interesting was the stir she saw in the darkness. It seemed that something moved towards the duck when it squeaked. An idea hit.
She backed into the corner of her light source and began rapidly squeaking. The shadows gathered around her and she flicked on her flashlight only to find that it would not defeat the inky darkness of the creatures. There was her way out. She found a spot that light could penetrate and left the duck in place, shadows swarming around the pathetic thing. She shone the flashlight into the street quickly, then had a better idea. She dropped it to the ground so it still shone across the street and quickly grabbed the matches from her pack. She decided to put the raincoat to use as well, laying it on the ground nearest the creatures and dropping lit matches onto it. Parts of the fabric lit with flame while other parts remained intact- A second source of light to warn her if they came near. She ran across the street and yelled for the man.
“Hey, I found a way to get across! Hurry up though!”
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PostSubject: Re: Lilith Anne Morrigan   Lilith Anne Morrigan I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 24, 2014 11:57 pm


I really hope I didn't miss anything because I LOVE your character >.>


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Lilith Anne Morrigan
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