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 RPing with the Fourth Doctor (THATSA ME!)

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RPing with the Fourth Doctor (THATSA ME!) Empty
PostSubject: RPing with the Fourth Doctor (THATSA ME!)   RPing with the Fourth Doctor (THATSA ME!) I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 25, 2014 1:35 pm

Hello newbie, veteren, or the CIA,

Teeth and Curls here (A. K. A. the Fourth Doctor)! If you're looking to RP with me, my enthusiasm is through the roof! I love to see notifications in my toolbar and love exploring the canonical and non-canonical, and seeing how we can twist new ideas on old stories.

My personal writing style is incredibly descriptive. I love to get every detail tossed in, right down to the scents and sights of a boring office building to the taste of a jelly baby. I am VERY familiar with the expanded universes (including the Star Trek crossover, but we don't do crossovers here at least) and the Big Finish expansions. I am fluent in all of the Doctor's timelines and I write fan-fictions of the various Doctors outside of this site.

If you're looking to RP with me, here are my guidelines:
1. Message me beforehand so we can discuss what's best for you. I'm used to writing for weird and wonky situations and adapting to such.
2. Please don't give me two paragraphs. I can be wordy, but I REALLY like it when you're wordy in return. It gives me something to work off of and I don't feel like I'm manipulating you.
3. I would love it if you could pick a color for your character's dialogue. This way I can see what your character is trying to say and I can reference it immediately. Speaking of which, the color I use for the fourth Doctor is #0066ff (It's a dark blue color).
4. If you have no knowledge of the classic series, NO PROBLEM. It's always fun to introduce a newbie to the world of Classic Who, and it's interesting to see how someone who's never experienced it react to what's going on.

Other than that, I have an open mind to ideas and I'm always willing to try something new.

A night chill had settled in on the Doctor as he stood outside the mystic bookstore which had everything he could ever imagine. He nervously tapped the new edition of "The Time Machine" that was in his pocket, not giving a second thought as to why he didn't put it in the bag he had around his shoulders. He felt around in his other pocket, only to stick his hands directly into his lunch from earlier: chicken and what was left of a salad that had probably spoiled by now.

He glanced nervously across the street at the looming face of his TARDIS. He remembered it had warned him of a vicious creature that lived on this planet, and particularly in this area: The Vashta Nerada. It lives and sulks in shadows, devouring everything in sight. Or in darkness, rather. He knew he had to brace himself, and risk the fight...

He took a deep breath, feeling his scarf swish across his legs, ran across to his TARDIS. He stopped just inches before he got to the door, feeling the terror of the shadows loom on the bridge of his nose. He reached into his pocket an grabbed the salad and chicken, and started waving it about in front of him.

He must of looked like a fool to anyone who was watching this poor man in an ungodly long scarf wave chicken legs and lettuce in front of a police box. But at long last, with the coast supposedly clear, he opened the door of the TARDIS and hopped inside.

He took off his coat and noticed the holes eaten into the back of it. "Too much of a close call for my own good..."
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Indeela Danlarteen
Indeela Danlarteen

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RPing with the Fourth Doctor (THATSA ME!) Empty
PostSubject: Re: RPing with the Fourth Doctor (THATSA ME!)   RPing with the Fourth Doctor (THATSA ME!) I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 06, 2014 7:46 am

Hey, sorry if you wanted people to exclusively PM or not post in this thread, but I attempted to send you a PM earlier and it didn't appear in my list of sent PM's and rather than risk spamming your message box with attempts I thought I'd post this here where I could know it would be seen.

Hey there, Indeela here (resident Alpha Centauran) I just thought I'd send you a message to see how busy/in demand you currently are, as I'd love to have a Indeela run around with the 4th Doctor for an adventure if you would be happy with the concept.

I'm a big, long time fan of Doctor Who as a whole, and I've snapped up a good chunk of the expanded universe in novel form as well. Unfortunately I've only been able to sample so much of the Big Finish audios (I love them, but my god there are so many!) but I'm always happy to read up on anything from expanded universe if people want to work something in. Smile

I've mostly been hankering for starting a new thread for Indeela because I'd quite like to have some more weird and space themed adventures for them to get caught up in and there seems to be a lot of focus on 21st century Earth at the moment. I'm working on ideas still (which I'd love for you to pitch in on and develop if you're so willing...) but I was thinking of having something akin to Murder Most Foul aboard an isolated space station. Someone has shut down the place, and the escape pods/vessels have all been sabotaged and will take time to repair. Sort of like Clue meets Alien.

My thoughts (as they stand at a very early stage) for the 4th Doctor involved perhaps something where the Doctor arrives in typical travelling fashion and (as so often happened in the classic series) is immediately assumed to be the murderer/saboteur by most of the crew since he isn't on the guest-list nor is he a member of the crew. Cue him having to prove his innocence and get to the bottom of the mystery before everyone ends up dead. I rather liked the idea of Indeela being one of the few that gives The Doctor some degree of a benefit of doubt, as they would have met men referring to themselves as "The Doctor" before, but would need reassuring that this Doctor was not an impostor simply using the name.

A yes/no/maybe and any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Smile

(As a note, I haven't up to now used a colour to indicate my character's dialogue, but I'm quite happy to adopt this, since it's similar to the colour I've used when I've popped into the chat box.
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RPing with the Fourth Doctor (THATSA ME!)
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