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PostSubject: Nurduar - Solymus Galaxy   Nurduar - Solymus Galaxy I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 26, 2016 9:22 pm

Planet name- Nurduar
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Area it's in- Solymus Galaxy

Other inhabited planets in the System:
Ixia, Febrina, Rosercustus, and Bonae

Suns: there is a large white star that acts as sun in this galaxy, named Murthas

Moons: There are two moons, Sceurulia and Mesnay, Sceurulia revolves around Mesnay
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Atmosphere: Atmosphere is the same as on Earth, but feels newer

Species- (Ex: Animals, Natives to the planet)

Humans inhabit this planet, ranging in skin colors from pale white to dark black, and everything in between. People who live in the northern, wintery regions tend to be fair skinned, larger framed, and a bit taller, stronger than others. Those who live in the desert like regions are usually dark skinned, and adapted to living in hot climate. In the more temperate regions, society tends to be more like in medieval England. It is divided into upper, middle, and lower class societies. The Emperor of Tebrien is of this race. There are also counts and countesses, councilmen and other nobility, as well as merchants and townspeople, and peasants, farmers, even beggars.

There are multiple subraces of elves currently existing on the Tebrienic continent. These include, High Elves, Wood Elves, Dark Elves, and Snow Elves. There are a few other races of elves that are believed to be related to these races of elves as well. Generally speaking, the elves believe themselves to be direct descendants of the Aiepra, having been tricked into giving up their immortality to create the world. They are capable of living for a thousand years, although few ever actually live that long due to disease and violence. Elves are far more resistant to disease than the other races of Tebrien, due to their sublime physical natures and often being gifted in the arcane arts.

It is very easy to tell elves from men based on appearance, as elves are less muscular than most men. Another easily noticeable feature of them is that they have pointy ears that men do not have. Furthermore, most elves, even females, are taller than most men. There are exceptions to this, as the Wood Elves are generally shorter than men.

Another small difference worth mentioning is that elves rely heavily on magical warfare as they have a higher affinity for nature and magic, where Men tend to be less potent magically.

The Fryvliiti- cat people

They are known for their natural agility, stealth, and their production of Stardust Sugar, which can be refined into Swookri, an illegal hallucinogenic drug. They travel around selling their wares but are not usually trusted, due to the racial prejudice of many of the races in Tebrien, resulting possibly from the belief that most Fryvliiti are thieves. They usually talk about themselves in third person

Many Fryvliiti disdain weapons in favor of their natural claws. They make excellent thieves due to their natural agility and unmatched acrobatic abilities. Many Fryvliiti are also warriors, and are very lithe in build, more agile. In addition to their native quickness, Fryvliiti have developed a natural proficiency in stealth, and have the added benefit of native night vision. These skills, combined with the general tendency of humans and elves to look down on Fryvliiti as "beasts," leads many Fryvliiti outside of their home province to become bandits or professional thieves and assassins, such as the hired Fryvliiti assassins
(based off of Elder Scrolls Khajiit: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Joragians(lizard people)
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Joragians are an oviparous race of reptilian people native to the large and marshy province known as Black Marsh, a region of Tebrien. They can be found in smaller numbers throughout the continent, and have been featured in every one of the main games thus far. Joragians are one of the few races completely unrelated to men and elves, being descended directly from the Hist.

Enigmatic and intelligent, the Joragians are experts of guerrilla tactics, and their natural abilities suit their swampy homeland. They have developed immunities to diseases that have plagued many would-be explorers in the region, and they are capable of easily exploring underwater locations due to their ability to breathe water. Joragians also have some resistance to poison.

Joragians start out in life as eggs; when a clutch of Joragians eggs is laid, they are placed near special trees in areas known as hatching pools.After being born, Joragians hatchlings drink the sap of the tree and continue doing this through their infancy. According to them, the sap of the tree, when drank, gives a hatchling its soul. When that Joragians dies, his soul travels back to its tree and is stored until another hatchling drinks that tree. Thus, the tree is giving it a soul, and so the cycle repeats. It is unknown if a hatchling would really have a soul of its own without receiving one from the special tree.

Joragians have gills on their necks and are covered in scales. This gives Joragians the ability to breathe underwater, which has proven to be an advantage in combat with other races, especially in the swamps of Black Marsh. Joragians are trained in guerilla warfare and drown their enemies by dragging them to the water and holding them under. Soldiers walking alongside rivers, traveling on ships in the ocean or barges along the rivers have been attacked by Joragians that ambushed them from the water where they lay in wait. They then either kill them or they are forced to flee back into the water and vanish into the depths. Either way it is an effective strategy as they cannot be followed into the deeper oceans and rivers. They also have a wide variety of cranial features such as fins, feathers, ridges, spines, spikes, or horns, and they have very sharp reptilian teeth lining their mouths, as well as gills, fins, claws, and tails.
(Based off of Elder Scrolls Argonians: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

There are also gods and goddesses, both good and evil, with angels and demons who serve them. The demons are called Dreipra, while the angels are called Aeipra.
The highest up of these are Vulzal, an evil god, and Aezrial, the divine goddess.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Vulzal's sphere is the domination and enslavement of mortals; whose desire is the harvest the souls of mortals and to bring mortals souls within his sway by spreading seeds of strife and discord in the mortal realms. He deals in deceit and conspiracy, and the secret plots of murder, assassination, treason, and unlawful overthrow of authority.
Vulzal (God of Schemes, King of Its not a phone, how can it be ringing?) has power of great importance. He is always the archenemy of Aezrial, the main goddess. He is the main source of the obstacles to all people.

Aezrial is the opposite. More information about her will be posted later.

Wildlife and creatures one might encounter:

The smaller of the two bears native to Abriyonil, the black bear is still a dangerous opponent. It hits hard but is not particularly fast so it is best dealt with from a distance

The huge brown bear can take a tremendous punishment and can still stay on its feet. A blow from its paw can stagger even the mightiest warrior, so treat this woodland giant with respect

The woodland boar's tough hide makes it surprisingly dangerous for its compact size. The Boar can do a great deal of damage if it can land a blow, so staying outside of its relatively short reach is advisable.

Deer are found throughout the woodlands and fields of Abriyonil. They are skittish and will flee from danger, but hunters prize their meat. The buck is rather more dangerous when forced to fight

The Dread Zombie is easily recognizable by the foul cloud of corruption it exudes. This cloud may in some way contribute to the Dread Zombie's ability to slowly repair its damaged flesh, which makes it a very dangerous opponent, particularly when attacking in groups. As with all zombies, fire is the best remedy

The faded wraith is the weaker version of the Wraith, but it is deadly enough. Spellcasters need to especially beware of its ability to silence its enemies. Not completely incorporeal like the Ghost, the Wraith is even capable of using weapons

The restless spirits of ghosts can only be harmed with silver or enchanted weapons. Beware of their ability to curse fatigue.

Even stronger than normal ghosts, there are also ancient ghosts. Like all non-corporeal undead, the Ancient Ghost can only be harmed by silver or magical weaponry, or destruction magic. It can turn itself invisible, and strike from an unexpected direction.

The strongest version of the Wraith, the Gloom Wraith adds a burden/absorb health curse to the usual deadly combination of weapon, claw, silence, and ranged frost attacks.

The common goblin is mostly only dangerous in packs. They rarely venture from their underground lairs. Typically armed with iron weapons, they may also carry lockpicks. They are no real threat to a well-armed adventurer, but beware of their weapons as they are often poisoned. One can often find them roaming the wilds, or deep within caves and sewers

The Goblin Skirmisher is stronger than the common Goblin and is often armed with a bow.

The Berserker carries the best weapon of any Goblin and may also carry a shield. Their high agility makes them formidable melee opponents.

The Goblin Shaman is a dangerous spellcasting opponent. Be particularly wary of its ability to paralyze within melee range. The Shaman may carry a staff (whats sinister is the fact that the staff usually has the appearance of a totem pole with a disfigured goblin head mounted on top) , but even without it has a range of spells to call on in combat, including summoning a headless zombie.

The Goblin Warlord is the most powerful Goblin, wielding a variety of weapons and a shield.

Headless Zombies are even fiercer than their cranially advantaged fellows, perhaps due to their futile longing to regain their brain. As with all Zombies, fire is the preferred method of laying them to rest.

Imps are equally at home in the forests and caves of Abriyonil. Usually solitary, they possess a mean intelligence that can make them dangerous opponents. Many an unwary traveler has been surprised by a blast of magic from a distant Imp. They generally use fire, frost and shock spells in combat

The Land Dreugh is one of the odder creatures to infest the wilds of Abriyonil. Its thick shell is highly resistant to both magical and normal damage, and it has the ability to direct electricity into its opponent through its claws. Thankfully it is rather slow moving, so keeping out of its way is the best way to deal with it.

The Lich is the pinnacle of the Necromancer's art. Particularly dangerous to spellcasters, the lich is difficult to harm with magic and has a wide variety of high level spells to draw upon

A Minotaur is a fierce fighter with either fists or a warhammer. Watch out for the Minotaur's head-butt, which will not only severely injure its foe, but will also heavily damage their armor. A determined foe, Minotaur's will often follow their prey over field and forest, finally surprising the traveler when they think they have reached safety.
The Minotaur Lord adds magic resistance to the already dangerous capabilities of the normal Minotaur.

The Mountain Lion's high agility and heavy strike make it a very dangerous melee opponent.

A dangerous nuisance near any body of water, Mudcrabs are interesting only as a source of succulent crabmeat.

A weaker version of the Lich, the Nether Lich is still a formidable opponent, with almost all of the same dangerous magic abilities

The huge Ogre deals tremendous damage with its fists, if it can get close enough. Despite their great size, Ogres are surprisingly susceptible to poisons of all kinds.

The Rat is a hardy, abundant hunter and scavenger, found both above and below ground. a favorite food source for Goblins, although most civilized folk would prefer other fare. They are much larger in this planet than anywhere else, averaging around the size of a large opossum

The Skeleton is a revenant that can be found wherever the restless dead are buried. Often the creation of Necromancers pursuing their dark researches, they are capable of using all manner of melee weapons, although the most common Skeleton is usually armed with a war axe.

The Skeleton Guardian dimly remembers its former life as a warrior and wields mace, shield, and bow with deadly skill.

The Skeleton Hero is a dangerous opponent in melee combat, as it can use a full repertoire of advanced combat moves and is equally adept at blocking.

The Skeleton Champion is a dangerous opponent in melee combat and will often carry a weapon as good as an Emperor's.

The slaughterfish is an aggressive predator found in both open waters and subterranean pools, its scales are also hunted for alchemy.

A Timber Wolf is a larger and fiercer cousin of the Wolf. They can bring down the largest prey when a pack has assembled.

Spriggans are guardian nature spirits, found both above and below ground. When in combat, Spriggans will summon a black bear to help take down its enemies. It also has the ability to heal itself completely three times, so it can be a very difficult opponent to kill, unless defeated quickly.

The Troll's uncanny ability to regenerate itself makes it a very dangerous opponent. Fire, magical or otherwise, is one of the quickest ways to put an end to a Troll. To the common civilians in Abriyonil it is a perfectly acceptable to run if said trolls are seen.

The Will-o-the-Wisp is unlike any other creature that can be encountered in Abriyonil. It is difficult to hit with magic and ranged weapons. Its best to charge in head first as they lack a melee attack. They are treated as ghost and cannot be killed with normal weapons, only Silver, Dreipric or enchanted weapons.

The Wraith can attack with claw, weapon, or magic. Beware of its silence spell, and make sure to bring a magic or silver weapon, because it is immune to normal weapon damage.

A common predator throughout Abriyonil, Wolves can be found both outdoors and in the caves where they make their lairs. Vampires often keep them as guards and companions
(taken from Elder Scrolls, Oblivion: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] )

Plants- There are many various plants which grow on this planet. Some are variations of what you might find on Earth, and some have never been heard of by people on Earth.
Alkanet Flower, Aloe Vera, Ambrosia, Apple, Arrowroot, Bergamot, Blackberry, Bloodgrass, Bog Beacon Asco Cap, Cairn Bolete, Carrot, Chokeberry, Cinnabar Polypore Red Cap, Cinnabar Polypore Yellow Cap, Clouded Funnel, Columbine Root, Corn, Dragon's Tongue Plant, Dryad Saddle Polypore, Elf Cup, Emetic Russula, Fennel, Flax, Fly Amanita, Foxglove, Garlic, Ginkgo, Ginseng, Grapes, Green Stain Cup, Green Stain Shelf, Harrada, Ironwood Nut, Lady's Mantle, Lady's Smock, Lavender, Leek, Lettuce, Mana Bloom, Mandrake, Milk Thistle, Monkshood, Morning Glory, Motherwort, Mugwort, Nightshade, Onion, Pear, Peony, Potato, Primrose, Pumpkin, Radish, Domica Redwort, Rice, Sacred Lotus, Somnalius Plant, Spiddal Stick, St. Jahn's Wort, Steel-Blue Entoloma, Stinkhorn, Strawberry, Summer Bolete, Tiger Lily, Lily of the Valley, Tinder Polypore, Tobacco, Tomato, Viper's Bugloss, Water Hyacinth, Watermelon, Wheat, Goldenrod, Wisp Stalks, Wormwood
(taken from Elder scrolls, Oblivion: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] )

Civilization: (Ex: IF there is a native species to the planet, what type of civilization do they have? Are they friendly? Is it futuristic, or simple?)
They have a medieval sort of civilization, although each race has their own customs and traditions, for the most part the entire Empire is very 'Dungeons and Dragons'-esque.

Trade: (Ex: Is it a leisure planet, trading planet ect. ect.)
They are a rather primitive sort of planet, completely unaware of any other life outside of their own planet. Space travel is unheard of, so their trading is all done among themselves.

Other: (Anything else that isn't listed on here but you want to add)

Nurduar has more than one continent but only one is really developed, that is the continent of Tebrien, where the Empire is.
There are nine provinces, only three of which I have changed the names of yet.
There is Abriyonil, the center province where the Empire is based. The capital city, known as the Imperial City, is in the center of this province, and the Emperor has his home there, in the White Tower.

Skorynia is to the north, where the land is very cold, and harsh.

To the North East is the land of Astroevania, which has a warmer climate, and a part of it is a large island which is home to a large, active volcano.

The Empire uses simple names for their months:
Morning Star (January)
Sun's Dawn (February)
First Seed (March)
Rain's Hand (April)
Second Seed (May)
Mid Year (June)
Sun's Height (July)
Last Seed (August)
Hearthfire (September)
Frost Fall (October)
Sun's Dusk (November)
Evening Star (December)
(subject to change if I think of anything better)

Note: I based this off of the world from the Elder Scrolls games, so most of the stuff I just gave it a new name and I posted links to where I got the original info, so that everything should be properly sourced, and there's more info about stuff if anyone wants to read up on it.
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