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 Eric Tempore (Secondary Character)

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Rassilon/Eric Tempore
Rassilon/Eric Tempore

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PostSubject: Eric Tempore (Secondary Character)   Eric Tempore (Secondary Character) I_icon_minitimeFri May 30, 2014 10:14 am

Eric Tempore

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Species: Human (At least as human as one can be in the 53rd century)
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Occupation: Former Time-Agent, Now Freelance Investigator/Meddler in other people's affairs
Status: Freelancer, Moderately Well-Paid

Hair: Dark Brown/Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5ft 10m
Figure: Fairly Tall and Thin, enough strength to get the job done.
Other: Small scar on his left calf.
Clothing: Dresses in Retro (Circa 2014) dark suits befitting of a (former) Time-Agent/Private Investigator seeking to blend in, wears a designer silver watch.

Family: Mother: Sylvia Tempore, Father: Alec Tempore, Fiance' (Deceased): Goldine Ashford
Personality: Eric has a very compassionate nature, this is probably what drove him to join the Time-Agency in the first place. However, because of heart-break and the cold and calculating nature of the majority of his assignments at The Time-Agency; he was forced to suppress this nature and replace it with a more unfeeling exterior facade. Ever since he was cut loose from the Agency and struck out on his own his original personality traits have resurfaced and he's become quite the sucker for sob-stories.

Strengths: IQ of 144 meaning he is blessed with high intelligence and creativity, Stringent Time-Agency training means he spots things; often tiny details in a larger picture that others do not. Also has training with well over 100 different weapons from various time-periods and Hand-to-Hand Combat expertise.
Weakness: High IQ means he is also cursed with hubris, often becoming overconfident in both his own abilities and those of his allies and friends, His fiance' Goldine is a sore-spot for him. Any mention of her violent death can throw him off his game at crucial moments.
Likes: Exploring different Times and places, The centuries old beverage known as 'tea'
Dislikes: People shooting at him, Remembering his fiance's death
Dream: Exploring the universe, helping people and looking good while doing it.

History: Eric Tempore was born in The Boeshane peninsula in the 52nd century, specifically 5178. He heard stories of the young boy Jack Harkness who left his home in The peninsula for The Time-Agency, "Face of Boe" they called him. Eric wanted not only that kind of recognition, but also the chance to see the universe and help people who needed help. So, at the tender age of 16 he signed up for an interview, Eric passed with flying colours and said his goodbyes to his family and friends and left for The Time-Agency's training facilities.

Eric trained with The Agency for several years, as he climbed up the rungs of The Agency's metaphorical ladder he met a girl from a planet called "Sto", her name was Goldine, Goldine Ashford. They discussed her home planet, how they apparently discriminated against cyborgs there and many other things. Over time they became good friends and eventually much more than that. Being roughly the same age Eric and Goldine both finished their training at around the same time, they received their Agency issued equipment and soon after began a relationship in-between missions.

All was good for Eric, and he was happy for a time; that is until one mission went terribly wrong. Goldine had been tailing a prisoner, a professor of some sort; the first ever escapee from Stormcage Correctional Facility. The Escaped prisoner time-jumped into the year 2006, Goldine chased her through a city called London for 3 days, eventually getting a communique from The Agency telling her that The Professor "Dr Song" had somehow re-appeared in her cell at Stormcage without explanation; Goldine would have returned to her home-time but something happened. While chasing Dr Song through London she found evidence that an organisation operating within London known as "Torchwood" had unauthorised alien technologies. The kind humanity weren't supposed to possess for another few centuries at least, Goldine tried to take the tech they had but was caught by Torchwood and subjected to Torture for several days for information on who she was and where she was from. On the last day a woman calling herself "Yvonne Hartman" came to see her personally, she tried the old "Good Cop" act with Goldine to get information but to no avail. Hartman ordered Goldine killed and her body disposed of.

The Time-Agency sent agents back to the year 2006 to find out what happened to Goldine, they returned with her bruised and battered body. Naturally Eric was distraught but tried to block the grief out by carrying on as normal, focusing more and more on his work. Time seemed to fly by, agent after agent dead or fired or worse until there were exactly 7 agents left in the entire agency. One fateful day it was announced that The Time-Agency was to be officially disbanded, Eric recognised an opportunity and managed to leave the building with his Agency equipment still on his person. Soon after Eric struck out on his own, no more Time-Agency giving him missions and orders to go to specific times and places; he could go where he wanted when he wanted to. He decided to become a private investigator, to help people. Like Goldine would have wanted.

HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Google, Nuff Said

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Lucius Tyler Vulneras
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Time Lord
Lucius Tyler Vulneras

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PostSubject: Re: Eric Tempore (Secondary Character)   Eric Tempore (Secondary Character) I_icon_minitimeFri May 30, 2014 10:54 am


-Mal of the Managerial Staff-

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Eric Tempore (Secondary Character)
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