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 The Lost Boy

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Elias Aller

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PostSubject: The Lost Boy   Sun Jun 01, 2014 11:42 pm

As the rain fell Elias stared out his window, looking into the endless plains of nothing. He looked at his watch, it was already ten at night.

As the night went on, the rain came to a stop. Elias stepped outside and looked up at the stars, wondering if there was anything out there, anything more than his little home in Nevada.

He had barely rested his eyes for a second before the arms grabbed him, dragging him away to a strange van. He was thrown into the back, blindfolded and gagged, as the rusty old van started to drive.

When the blindfold is finally removed, Elias couldn't believe his eyes. Metal men stood around him. One grabbed Elias's shoulder and spoke with a computerized voice, "This one will be upgraded." Elias looked around frantically as he was dragged to a circular chamber. As the metal men opened the door, there was a strange blue box there. The metal men stood back in fear.
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10th Doctor/Eric Jason
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PostSubject: Re: The Lost Boy   Mon Jun 02, 2014 7:28 am

((You need to first fill out a Character Creation form to be approved before RP'ing as your character. Any questions and or concerns please PM me or contact anyone who is on the chatbox))


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The Lost Boy
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