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 The Dreborian

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Amy Turner

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PostSubject: The Dreborian   Tue Jun 17, 2014 4:37 pm

Name : Dreborian (from Drebos) commonly called Changelings

: Changeling's real appearance is the one of the Roswell's aliens. But, as they are changelings, they can look like anything humanoid, they can't look like insects or furnitures, but some of them can manage to look like big dogs or wolves. The hybrids do not look like real Dreborians but like the other parent. (If the father is sontarian and the mother is Dreborian, the child will look like a sontarian but with the ability of changing himself).

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: There are two kind of changelings, the ones who are still on there home planet (the DD – Drebos' Deborian) and the ones who are now on Earth (the ND - New Dreborian). However, both have a lot of pride and have very high IQ (the lower one is of 500 for a human).
-The DD are curious and adventurous aliens who want to explore and know everything that surround them. Most of them are friendly while some are shy. They do not support war since the last one they had was terrible and even manage to keep from fighing each other. However, they do not respond well to threats and are proud, so, they won't hesitate to fight if their loved ones of their planet are in danger.
-The ND are like humans since they live with them. However, they tend to stay with their people instead of making friends with humans.

: It once again depends on which kind of changeling we are talking about.
-The DD own futuristic technology (when compared to the Earth), they own powerful spaceships and, in order to live for the longest time, they managed to create what they call a “Magic Box” that regenerates their organs, and skin. They are now know in the universe for this creation that allows people to live “forever”.
-The ND live with humans so they have the same technology exept for the fact that they built weapons in their basements and that they have starships in their garage.

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Backstory : The Dreborians are neither good nor bad, but they are two kind of them, so here is reason.
The Changelings had built their “Magic Box” when the Daleks came to still it and destroy their planet. They weren't many Daleks so the war wasn't that terrible and the Changelings managed to win, but, to them who had always lived in peace, this war was terrible and since then, they always fight to keep peace within their people.
While most of the Dreborians were fighting, some of them flee from their planet with little starships and went to the Earth in 1947. Since then, those Changelings live with the humans.

Present: Now the DD want to keep peace on their planet and sell their Magic Boxes, they also want to explore the entire universe and built better and bigger starships to travel faster and with more people. They also built some of the most terrible weapons to be sure to be able to fight back if they need to.
On the other hand, the ND want to act like humans and never be found out. While most of them are happy to be on the Earth and live with humans, others want to travel and leave the planet. They also want every generation to know of their story and to be proud.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dreborian   Tue Jun 17, 2014 5:47 pm

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The Dreborian
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