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 Yhohan Smit

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PostSubject: Yhohan Smit   Yhohan Smit I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 22, 2014 12:53 am

Charictor info.

Name Yhohan Smit

species: human/cyborg


Aligence:Nazi Germany and Dalek

Enemies : the doctor

Aqantences: the Dalek,nazi party ,the black sun.



Aperence: tall / muscular
Clothes: lether trench coat with suit and tie under it also wares a red
Nazi armband on his left arm

Faceal features: gas mask ,under it lies a some what burnt face .
He has blue eyes And blond hair.

Personality:aggressive but somewhat kind and has a passion for
Murder , caous and science.

Story line: Yhohan Smit was the head of the nazi cult called the black sun.
The black sun was a nazi wepons group during the second world war that
Soul purpose was to create super weapons for Germany what they called
"Wonderwaffes" however the black sun surged only their own agenda and showed no allegiance to Adolf Hitler their master plan was world domination
.Yhohan main test facility was located in Antarctica were he could perform his insane research in Pease. the facility in which Yhohan worked was called
"Schwartz ort "or the black place due to the amount of people that was killed thair in the name of science. After a year or so of being thair that discoverd a alien craft under the ice that was breaking with element 115 also known as dalekkaneum. The nazis had awekend the daleks which killed half of his men.Yhohan struch a deal with the daleks to help him build a master army to rule the world and all other denominations and that agreed. He began making tanks , aircraft,and even robots out of Dalekkaneum.he and the daleks also built a massive machine that could teleport them into space and day a man who the daleks called "the doctor" reversed the paternity on the machine destroying the station and the daleks New army.Yhohan never forgave him how ever yhohan and another dalek excaped and later began building about her machine in Auschwitz Poland and Smit was the first one to activate it but it catapulted him and the dalek into the void for seventy years . Smit was to valuable for the dalek to loose so the dalek replaced his vital organs with steam pump and cloak works to keep him living marketing him immortal like the doctor.After years of fixing the machine with dalek parts he was able to shoot himself back into reality in 2014 but safely killed the dalek but saved the machine. So now he Rome's time and space searching for the doctor and his dalek masters.

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PostSubject: Re: Yhohan Smit   Yhohan Smit I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 22, 2014 10:06 am

If you could please follow the format of the Character Creation template, that would be greatly appreciated.

The template can be seen [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Thank you,

~10th Doctor
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Yhohan Smit
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