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 Tenadaran, the scattered survivors

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PostSubject: Tenadaran, the scattered survivors   Thu Oct 23, 2014 4:32 pm

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Name: Tenadaran

Appearance: Tenadaran are blue skinned humanoids, about 6"-8" on average with reflective eyes and rigged forheads. their ears are long are pointed. To some they might all look alike, but Tenadaran's can always tell eachother apart. the bone structure of the top of their head is always diffrent, and the scales that grown on them differ in shape and size. The Warrior Caste of Tenadar are noteable for the darkness of their skin, a trait earned by part of thr warriors initiation of sitting unfed and unwatered for three days in the barrens every week while training

Attitude: Tenadar was built in the ideal of mutual co-operation, everyone pitches in and everyone gains. they are always keen to help whenever they can, and are often happy for the chance to help without being paid. They can sometimes be weary of other species, as their republic was almost overthrown by sleeper cells being controlled by a rogue group of Draconians who has set out to exploit the planets resources.

Technology: Their Technology is advanced, to where sonic devices are as common in a toolbox as that spare screw you cant find a place for. their planet survived entirely on renewable energy. Holograms where common place on the streets, used as street signs and advertising. the most common form of transport can be best described as a floating Segway refered to as a Light-Shifter (based on the mechanism used to keep it afloat)

Backstory: Tenadar was always ruled by a council, and was often quick to make decisions on important matters. when the Draconians where discovered and their intentions revealed, they quickly came to the discission to exile their kind from the planet, and place blockades in the atmosphere, constantly patrolling to keep out any unwated visitors. this however lead to a long time of isolation that brought with it a long lasting peace. undisturbed by outside forces and left to deal with their day to day life. this encouraged a golden age of prosperity where they reached what they felt was a technological peak. However all that changed when parimiter detectors spotted a meteor cluster heading directly for them, efforts where made to try and prevent disaster but all they managed was to destory the smaller bodies, leaving just one massive fractured mass coming towards them.

when it hit, the entire planet felt it. the atmosphere started to dispate and the world started to burn. escape pods where blasted from the planet in all directions in a frantic bid to save all they could. but for most of them it was too late, and their last memorys where looking up at their loved ones flying off into space.

Present: At Present, the people of Tenadar are scattered all over space. the escape pods that took them from the planet placed them in stasis, as it was unknown when they could reach a planet. some still travel, lost. For those that find planets, they adapt to survive in whatever way they can. be it fighting for survival on a primative planet, or prooving their worth in an advanced society. wherever they are, they do what they can in memory of the people they left behind.
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PostSubject: Re: Tenadaran, the scattered survivors   Fri Oct 24, 2014 10:13 pm

I like it.

But a little more explanation to what the Draconians are and what exactly they were doing to result in their exile of the planet. How did they protect/block the atmosphere? With ships? A blockade monitoring the planet at all times? Did they ever face troubles with keeping other aliens out of their planet?

If it's easier, write like your an author writing a story. Write with as much detail as possible to help the reader imagine locations, characters and specific moments as you want them to.


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PostSubject: Re: Tenadaran, the scattered survivors   Mon Oct 27, 2014 2:29 am

not a really important post here but I think you meant ridged rather than rigged. Unless their foreheads are traps which would admittedly be kind of neat.
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PostSubject: Re: Tenadaran, the scattered survivors   

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Tenadaran, the scattered survivors
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