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 Zeke's particle manipulator.

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The Blade

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PostSubject: Zeke's particle manipulator.    Tue Nov 11, 2014 4:26 pm

A small, round device, approximately an inch in diameter. It's inlaid with a large blue light in it's centre. The particle manipulator is implanted into the palm of Zeke's left hand. When activated via mental communication, the light activates in Zeke's palm to signal activation. When activated, the device is capable of actively manipulating the particles and atoms of all matter, living or dead. He can de construct a living organism with ease, and with extreme precision, reconstruct it. It is primarily an offensive tool, used to destroy a living target. However, it can easily be used to take down obstacles, dissolve and reconstruct any object as the user sees fit.
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PostSubject: Re: Zeke's particle manipulator.    Tue Nov 11, 2014 5:13 pm

Heya Blade!

I'm Richard (Ritchie), and I would like to point you in the general direction of this jewel: Please fix this and then I can review it further, thanks ^^


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Zeke's particle manipulator.
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