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 Canto Fiori

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PostSubject: Canto Fiori   Tue Jan 13, 2015 12:03 am

Known for it's singing flowers, Canto Fiori is visited more often than any other planet in the nebula it resides in. The trees are unique in their own way by growing tenticle like fronds instead of leaves that change color throughout the day. Red in the morning, Purple in the afternoon and a gold at night.

The grass is a soft blue that smells like peaches during the summer months, the sky is a pale green with yellow clouds. The yellow of the clouds is caused by the pollen the grass sends out, being trapped in the water vapor of the atmosphere, it's released in the rain to spread over the wide fields equally.

The planet, while popular, the 'towns' of the natives are spread far between, giving more room for forests and wide fields of grass that go for miles in every direction.

The size is easily compared to Saturn of the Milky Way without the rings.

Area it's in- Canto Fiori resides in the Nesblux Solar System.

Species- There are several species of animals that reside on Canto Fiori, the most prominent are a dog-like creature with five legs known as a Molox and another that looks much like a small elephant without it's trunk or ears that is called the Tero. Both of which are hunted for food by the natives.

The natives are gentle in nature, their own form of speech limited to simple words and hand gestures to convey what they mean. Simply put, they look like walking mushrooms of various colors.

Plants- The trees mentioned before are critical to the environment from their unique fronds alone. The light they put off attract a small gnat like insect that produces a pheromone that in turn will attract the Molox and Tero to the area. Hunting is limited to the forests for this reason alone.

Another plant is like an ivy, it climbs up the sides of their dwellings and acts as a sort of exoskeleton to keep it from falling apart.

Moons, Rings: Two moons orbit the planet, one (Small) a faint red/orange color, the other (Large) a bright yellow.

Suns: Canto Fiori orbits one Red Giant star.

Atmosphere: The atmosphere (Sky) Is a light green, it has no scent but the air tastes faintly sweet.

Civilization: A simple, friendly species. They live in huts made of clay and ivy. Their 'towns' consist of hunting/gathering males and 'housewives'.

Trade: Canto Fiori is a Tourist Attraction. People come to see and experience then leave without staying for more than a few hours.

Other: During the summer months, the natives move from their huts in 'town' and live in tents in a nearby field of grass simply because of the scent it puts off during that time.

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Canto Fiori
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