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 Darcen (Desemate's Prison)

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Noah Wolfanger

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PostSubject: Darcen (Desemate's Prison)   Tue Jul 21, 2015 7:07 pm

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Planet Name- Darcen

Nickname- Desemate's Prison

Area it's in- Isop Galaxy

Species- Desemate's Children

Plants- The planet is desolate and dark. All of the plants are just dead trees. Before the sun burned out, it was a forest planet but now that the suns burned out all of the trees are dead.

Moons, Rings: None

Suns: Two medium-sized main sequence stars used to orbit the planet, never letting it dark. One sun burned out one night and the nights were pitch black. Billions of years later, the other sun burned out and all life died.

Atmosphere: The gravity is overall normal. A little more gravity than Earth but overall, it's fine. Also, due to the plants dying, there is no oxygen. For all people who need oxygen to live, you need a spacesuit.

Civilization: Simple, Desemate's Children go out and hunt for food. Either food offworlders have, offworlders, or their own family.

Trade: It is a planet used to banish the people who commited crimes to their race. It is truly no buisness for others unless they want to sacrifice to feed Desemate's Children but who would do that?

Other: I wouldn't go here if I were you...
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Darcen (Desemate's Prison)
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