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 Water Games (closed to Night and Theta)

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Water Games (closed to Night and Theta) Empty
PostSubject: Water Games (closed to Night and Theta)   Water Games (closed to Night and Theta) I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 14, 2016 7:50 pm

Water Games (closed to Night and Theta) 14592410
Du Abay, Treth

The Treth Water Festival was kind of a big deal on the planet of Treth. Theta supposed it would be, seeing as it was quite literally the anniversary of their entire planet's independence, but honestly, she was just here for the water balloons.

And maybe a little more than that. In addition to the pack of mulicolored balloons in her hand, she had a newly bought waterproof jacket on her back for the festivities, a splatter-pattern t-shirt advertising the Independence Festival in bright bold letters of Trethian on the front, and a little Suncorcan toy that made a nasty little growling noise when you squeezed it. That last one was for Lady; Theta was certain she'd get a kick out of it, especially considering the way Suncorcans had scratched her up last time they met.

A wooshing sound came from above, and Theta didn't have time to react as a bright red balloon came bursting down upon her head. She froze; some of the water ran from her dark hair and down the back of her bronze-colored neck, but most dribbled harmlessly off her army jacket-like coat.

It was a couple of early Independence celebrates, of course, throwing around their balloons before the festivities even started tonight. They were young, teenagers, laughing and holding onto a bucket of even more balloons. Theta laughed in good humor, as any Trethian would do in the situation.

"You got me good! Just be glad I didn't have these filled up yet!" she shook the bag of balloons in her hand at them; they laughed a little more then disappeared around the edge of the building's round, elevated terrace, probably looking for more victims to soak. Theta again shook her head in good humor and, making sure her Suncorcan toy still made the weird growling noises when she squeezed it (it did), she continued on.

The risk I took was calculated, but man am I bad at math
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Night Pyre
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Water Games (closed to Night and Theta) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Water Games (closed to Night and Theta)   Water Games (closed to Night and Theta) I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 23, 2016 7:42 pm

The one any noise was giving her a rather bothersome headache. As she bathed in the sun of the planet, lips curled prominently downwards at the activity. She was never fond of water. The opposite, actually. But even so, she had gotten hit with a few water balloons. She had simply let it slide, after all they were only kids.

Black hair now shimmered with water, and it was extremely uncomfortable. Slitted irises surveyed her form. Her clothing, was still damp, and whatever food she was eating had promptly dropped upon the floor as soon as the latex projectile had made contact with her body. As for now, had nothing else to do, but close her eyes and feel the star this planet orbited around's relaxing solar rays. As children and adults alike passed, Night couldn't help but break a fanged smile. Eyes crinkled with adoration for the absolute innocent that coursed through the youth's veins. She almost envied them.

Her ship was in for repairs (again), meaning she couldn't stay inside, and she had a bit of free time. That of which she wasn't using effectively. She never had, actual free time, anymore. It was either, doing a job, or getting a call on her phone, hunting, she never actually got to relax. Like normal people do; so to her, standing still for a prolonged amount of time was excessively uncomfortable. The alien kept squirming and moving about the chair in which she sat, unable to stay in one place. She kept giving her phone suspicious glances and side eyes, as if almost begging it to ring, to give her something to do. It was a nice planet- nicer than Earth, but still, it was rather dull to her, even with the festival.
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Water Games (closed to Night and Theta)
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