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 Robin's Doppleganger - Extreme WIP

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PostSubject: Robin's Doppleganger - Extreme WIP   Robin's Doppleganger - Extreme WIP I_icon_minitimeSun May 22, 2016 3:24 pm

:Sad(aaaaa ill draw the image later, i lost my tablet pen so i have to scan something later))::

Chris Terrell

Species: Human... Ish
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Occupation: Ex Soldier?
Status: Citizen... Ish

Hair: Short, just a bit below her chin, and dyed bright red. Teenage rebellion, amirite? (:
Eyes: Green - which is a whole lot more common in the future than it is right now, by the way.
Height: Just over five feet, but she stands crouched. Somewhere between 4' 10" and 5' 3"
Figure: Small, but strong. Kind of muscular. She was a soldier, after all.
Other: Okay so she's still a test subject in this universe?? But they took it further. She's got a lot more bird DNA this time around. She's got black wings big enough to hold her and probably one other person in the air, and bird talons for feet. They're freakin' huge and obnoxious and she hates them, but they make for good weapons, she supposes.
Clothing: Wings and giant freakin' bird feet get in the way a lot. She can't wear jackets or shoes. Can't pull pants over her legs, either, so they all zip up from the sides. She has to wear halter tops or racer backs because where else is she gonna put those wings? If it gets cold, though, she'll wear long gloves.

Family: In this universe, she's a lot less pointlessly tragic because hey, her family isn't dead! Her mom, Gene, is a nurse - or was, anyway, before all the kids. Her older brother's name is Derek (20) and her little sister is Jamie (6). Her dad's name is Alfred, and he was a soldier once upon a time. In this universe, though, he isn't missing - he quit the military before they would have sent him away. That's the reason she's not named Jessica here - her dad would have wanted her to be called Christine.
Personality: Chris isn't too far off from Robin, but she isn't nearly as pointlessly optimistic. She's not quite a pessimist, but she knows when her chances aren't good. She's fairly confident, but doesn't always remember to take other people into account. Sometimes people get their feelings hurt, but she doesn't find it all that horrible. Chris is protective, and wants to be the hero. As much as she would rather take the reasonable route instead of doing things the hard way to spare a feeling, she would do anything to keep a life from being taken. She isn't afraid to put herself at risk to save others - many lives valued over one, right? She isn't as quick to trust as Jessica was, and might not ever trust you again if you betray her. Despite that, she feels that all people are born good and deserve another chance, if lives won't be in danger.
Strengths: Chris isn't afraid to talk to others, making it easy for her to gain information she needs. She's also a trained soldier, meant to take on a suspected alien hoard in the 53rd century, so she's good with a blaster and in hand to hand combat. Also, you know, the wings and talons are definitely a plus.
Weakness: Chris is clumsy as hell. She was already pretty clumsy before the mutations, but the bird feet and extra appendages don't help in the slightest. She also makes a lot of wrong decisions - her morals often conflict with each other, and quick choices aren't her strong suit. A lot of the time, she ends up making the poor one.
Likes: Her pal, Sparrow, fresh air and open nature, the 3000's (what a great era for entertainment), and saving the day.
Dislikes: Dealing with consequences, not being able to run away from a problem she can't solve, the fact that alternate universes exist, and Cheerios. 
Dream: Chris wants to be like her dad. She wants to be the one to make sure everyone is okay.

History: try to make this thorough

HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Explain how you came across our website.

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Robin's Doppleganger - Extreme WIP
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