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 Across the Vashta Nerada ridden street

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Across the Vashta Nerada ridden street Empty
PostSubject: Across the Vashta Nerada ridden street   Across the Vashta Nerada ridden street I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 30, 2018 6:54 pm

The Alternate Ninth Doctor has heard of these creatures from a strange mystic in the center of the universe.
"Uh.... Other Doctor, how should I get across? Assuming you've met these things before?"
"What do you have in that bag on your back?"
"A carrot, a Sonic Screwdriver, a chicken leg, a flashlight, a Book of matches, rubber duck, and a raincoat!"
"Set the raincoat on fire, and throw it onto the street, than throw the rest of the matches on the street as well"
"Than do I turn on the flash light?"
Not waiting he runs across safely.
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Across the Vashta Nerada ridden street
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