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 A Big Thanks

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PostSubject: A Big Thanks   Fri Sep 27, 2013 11:38 am

I would like to thank EVERYONE for their activity and continued support of the site. I know it is hard sometimes to get on, i of all people understand that completely, but coming on and seeing this site still active as it always has been brings a smile to my face and i thank you all for that.

As of right now, we are ranked number 17 on RP's top 50 sites, and 11 votes from being on the first page!!! You can vote for this site by clicking the "Vote For Us" link on the homepage. You are allowed one vote per internet access device (computer, iphone etc) per day.

With the 50th Anniversary special fast approaching, Whovians will be scavenging the web, looking for new news, so it is important to keep up our activity so we are higher up on the Google search lists.

Furthermore, my character, the 10th Doctor, will be more active, i promise. College has given me some tough work and has drained my personal time down to nearly nothing, and the few that i do get is quickly ate up by work at Publix XD. But i will try and get on more!! Remember to go and post some Open RP's, you never know who will show up ;P

~10th Doctor (David)
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A Big Thanks
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