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 Letting Zygons be Zygons....

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The Blood

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PostSubject: Re: Letting Zygons be Zygons....   Sat Dec 28, 2013 5:16 pm

Shauna watched The Doctor as he worked with the panel, she smiled and as the door opened she followed The Doctor inside and she looked to him, noticing the fire in his eyes and she gulped, she instinctively backed away a little. "He just mentioned he had met him once and that my dad didn't like him because of the whole 'taking over the galaxy' business he would always talk about..." She sighed before looking down a little, "You sound angry... so I am guessing you don't like this Master fellow?" She murmured and tilted her head a little in curiosity.

"I wouldn't like him either..." She mumbled under her breath before following The Doctor until she saw the corpses and she sighed, she sniffed the air, "Yep, definitely death by impact... I can smell the effect on the corpses just by sniffing the air..." She sighed and looked to The Doctor, "They must've been tourists of this planet and they ended up crashing into this forest." She shrugged a little, "Although, they could have intended to take over this world and they failed miserably by crashing their ship..."
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5th Doctor

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PostSubject: Re: Letting Zygons be Zygons....   Wed Jan 22, 2014 2:26 pm

"The Master, much like most terror in the universe, operates on chaos and discord. He's a timelord as well. We were at the academy together. He was a brilliant mind, and often was the top at his class. But he strove for more. Instead of being an observer, he wanted a more hands on experience. Now he prefers the unexpected backstab to the organized beauty. I pity any man who has the unfortunate circumstance to be tossed across his path."

The Doctor shook his head in a small motion of despair (causing his curly mug to lightly breeze around), and looked around the cabin. He took a look at the control panel, which was now covered in a light layer of dust and cobwebs. He looked closer at the flight computer, all of the controls, and even the pilot's chair. Nothing seemed to stick out at the Doctor...that was until he stood up sharply, and turned his head with panic towards Shauna.

"Shauna...take a look at this there something funny about this place?" While she looked around, he waited for an answer, but was too anxious to wait for an answer. "Take a look at the number of bodies in here. Then take a look at the number of chairs....."

There were indeed five chairs, each fulfilling it's purpose in a typical starship: the navigator, the captain, etc. And indeed, there were corpses in the chairs. Four of them. Four corpses.....five chairs....
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Letting Zygons be Zygons....
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