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 Christmas Event Update (Important, Must Read)

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PostSubject: Christmas Event Update (Important, Must Read)   Mon Dec 30, 2013 10:17 pm

As of now, the event is being extended. It will now span over two weeks instead of the one so we have a chance to overcome this confusion.

Also, any people who have not replied yet must PM either me or AnonymousChicken to confirm that they are still in. If you're just missing your time slot, we can see how we can shuffle the order to help you out.

People subtracted from the event:

  • Mal (busy)
  • Harley (busy)

It isn't a huge deal if you haven't posted already, but it's not moving. At all. You have 2 DAYS to confirm that you still want to be in the event, but even so, if you do not make a post by Wednesday (unless you have proper reasoning for doing so) you will no longer be a part of this event. 


Turns each last 3 hours. So to know when your time will run out, check the last post. Like right now, 13th posted at about 10pm (my time >.>) so Bailey's turn will run out at 1am, and then Jenny's at 4am, etc. This is how you can see when your turn happens. If this continues to be an issue for anyone, just PM either me or AnonymousChicken to get some help - but make sure you include your time zone or something to help us know what your time is.

-Nat of the Administrative Staff-

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Christmas Event Update (Important, Must Read)
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