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 The Roaring (and thrashing) '20's

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The Roaring (and thrashing) '20's Empty
PostSubject: The Roaring (and thrashing) '20's   The Roaring (and thrashing) '20's I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 24, 2014 2:09 am

Somewhere in the abyss of the night, between fog and mist, stirred creatures that wouldn't begin to be fathomed in the imagination of the most clinically insane.

The stars twinkled menacingly, shedding no light to passerbys. The moon was a dim crescent; a sliver of light in the sky that was barely noticeable to anyone to didn't seek it's usual glow. The wind was still and calm, creating a stagnant and heavy air. Not a sound could be heard in the night. Except for the small crunching and twisting of pine needles on mulch asa pair of black soft soled shoes inched further and further into the forest.

The shoes were attached to a pair of legs, modestly wrapped in a opaque white tights. The legs were attached to a hip, which was obviously hidden underneath a hideously yellow tube dress complete with a mauve purple belt, and a thin matching purple blouse, to which continued two hands, one of them holding a flashlight. The dress was accented with a long strand of shimmery white pearls and a sparkling, brilliant floral pin. On top of the dress sat a head, as do most bodies. This head had a nearly jet black bobbed hairstyle, which was nearly hidden underneath a mauve cloche.

This person was none other than the local town medium Madame Nora Greenwald. Not the normal sort, but someone that normality basically flung itself away from rather.

Madame Nora continued deeper and deeper into the forest, biting her lip in intrigue and curiosity. This trip through the forest was a normal occurrence for Nora. She usually sought out solitude to clear her head. She loved the dark and adventure. Particularly on nights like this. Little did she know, there was a lot more to investigate than just the forest.

She stumbled through rotten logs and swarms of little gnat-bugs. "Damn little creatures." She swatted like an idiot, spatting and trying to clear her face of the annoying little creatures that had swarmed this late at night.

While she was preoccupied with swatting and waving, she hadn't realized the hole to which she stepped into, causing her to fall forward into a small series of bushes, roll down a hill, and finally onto a small clearing.

She laid in agony for a moment, then opened her eyes. She'd never been this far into the forest. She got up, brushed herself off, and looked around. She had lost her flashlight tumbling down the hill. More than likely she would never see it. As she looked around, she saw a small, dim light coming from behind a series of bushes. She smiled. "There you are you little rascal---"

She stopped in her tracks, lost for words at the sight that had just present itself to her. She'd never seen anything like it before.....
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The Roaring (and thrashing) '20's
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