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 Ellie Storms

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PostSubject: Ellie Storms   Ellie Storms I_icon_minitimeSun May 11, 2014 9:30 pm

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Electra Alice Storms
Nickname: Ellie
Species: Human
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Occupation: N/A
Status: student

Hair: light brown colored, mostly straight, about mid-back length
Eyes: blue-grey
Height: 4'10"
Figure: slim, average for a kid her age
Other: nothing really
Clothing: average kid clothes, sometimes slightly more colorful or unique styles. wears a locket sometimes, that belonged to her mother.

Mom: Alice (White) Storms
Dad: Altair Storms
Personality: Ellie is a really sweet and polite little girl, and she is usually a very good student. She really loves science, and likes math as well. She tends to back down from bullying, rather than standing up for herself, and is usually the quiet one reading a book in the corner while other kids mingle and make friends. She likes hands-on type projects, particularly baking and science experiments.

She likes the outdoors and climbing trees and stuff, using her imagination and playing by herself more than playing with other kids, who usually tease her. She also has a tendency to be well aware of rules, like not talking to strangers, or not accepting things from strangers, but if she deems the stranger nice and not threatening, she'll disregard that rule and talk to them anyway, and when she decides they aren't a stranger anymore, then she figures it's ok to accept stuff from them, despite never being told it was ok to even to talk to this person.

Strengths: she's good at science and math, she's smart, polite, friendly. She's brave and adventurous.
Weakness: she has a slight temper sometimes, tends to not stand up for herself when bullied, has a hard time making friends with kids her age, sometimes doesn't bother following rules even though she knows she should, sometimes gets impatient
Likes: Science, stars, books, candy
Dislikes: sad book endings, death, coconut, bugs
Dream: to see her daddy again or at least find out what happened to him.

History: Altair and Alice were childhood sweethearts, and married shortly after graduating from school. Altair went on to become an astronaut, his dream job. Not long after that, they had a baby, Ellie. Altair gave her the name Electra Alice, Electra because of its tie to astronomy, and Alice after her mother. Alice stayed home to take care of the baby and keep house, while Altair earned the money for the household.

When Ellie was little, she used to sit outside in the backyard with her dad and they'd look up at the stars, and he would tell her all about the stars and planets and stuff. She was very happy as a little kid, and she loved both of her parents very much. It seemed like the perfect life, for a little kid.

When Ellie was 5, however, her dad had to go out on a space mission. He'd done so many times before, and he would try to contact her mom and her whenever he could. This time, however, was different. The communications line went down, and he was unable to contact them. The astronauts were unable to contact anyone, and something happened to the whole team. After losing contact, they were never heard from again. There was not one trace of them, and they were all assumed dead. Ellie and her mother took the news hard, and Alice seemed crushed by the loss of her husband. Ellie was little, but she still understood that her daddy was never coming home, and she was really sad about it.

Her mom had to get a job to pay the bills, and time went on. They gradually began to get over the loss of Altair, though it was hard on both of them. Ellie continued to look out at the stars any time she could, and think about her dad. She often wondered if he was really dead or if maybe one day he'd come back to them. But he didn't, and she eventually stopped talking about it to her mom because it seemed to make her mom sad any time she talked about her dad and the hope of him returning someday.

Her mom would often make cookies with Ellie, sometimes to help take her mind off her dad, but also to have plenty of mother/daughter time. Ellie loved baking with her mom, and they would often make many different kinds of cookies. They had other good times together as well. Alice tried to spend as much time with Ellie as she could, partly to make up for her not having her father, and partly to make up for having to work and not being able to be there as much as she used to be.

Sadly, when Ellie was 8, her mom became a civilian casualty when she was killed during the Dalek/Cybermen fighting, in the Battle of Canary Wharf, leaving Ellie orphaned. She was placed in an orphanage, having no other family to take care of her. She held on to the hope that her dad might be alive somewhere, but she didn't know how he would find her now.

Ellie is currently living at the orphanage. She really misses her parents, though the sting of losing them has faded a little over time.  She is attending secondary school, and maintains high grades and usually stays out of trouble. But often, she gets teased by the other kids, and occasionally is framed for stuff they did, and she tends to not speak up for herself.

HOW DID YOU FIND US?: I looked for DW RP sites on google and picked this one.

(Do I need to post another RP sample?)
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PostSubject: Re: Ellie Storms   Ellie Storms I_icon_minitimeSun May 11, 2014 11:19 pm

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Ellie Storms
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