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PostSubject: (TEST FOR 11 TWO)   Sat Jun 28, 2014 11:23 am

Name: Sporoggs
Appearance: Green reptilian monsters with long tentacle-like tongues and pale white chests. Most have snouts with large white eyes
Attitude: Primitively hostile, they attack any other species they encounter as a show of strength
Technology: Basic, tribal-like technology. They also cannibalise the technology of any visitors to their planet
Backstory: The Sporoggs are a relatively new race that reside on a swamp world known as Torrk by most other races. The Sporoggs themselves think of the planet as a living god-like entity known as Kortylk. They have had limited encounter with other races and have never left their own planet. Their language is not spoken by any others so they have never communicated effectively with any other beings
Present: The Sporoggs continue to reside on their planet, growing as a race and ready to confront any they encounter.

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