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 Theta Sigma (updated)

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Theta Sigma
Theta Sigma

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Theta Sigma (updated) Empty
PostSubject: Theta Sigma (updated)   Theta Sigma (updated) I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 17, 2015 3:38 pm

((mostly for me, the old CC is kinda out of date, now. Plus I wanted to try my hand with the new template B) ))
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Theta Lungbarrow Sigma

Species: Timelord/Gallifreyan
Age: Varies (of course) depending on point in Timeline, but right now, I rp anywhere between 30 and 200. That's about 14-30, in Timelord years!
Gender: Male
Occupation: Explorer
Status: Not a citizen of any planet. Considered a criminal on some planets, and a guardian on others.

Hair: Short and brown
Eyes: Sky blue
Height: 5'10'', but he was shorter when he was younger
Figure: Physically fit, about average for someone that's very active
Other: Small, faint scars from past adventures
Clothing: Theta will dress for the time period, if he feels like it, but most of the time there's one outfit he likes to stick with; a light coloured polo shirt, jeans, tennis shoes/running shoes, a bowtie (he prefers blue, most of the time, though red is fine on occasion), and his dark brown tweed jacket, which has bigger on the inside pockets.

Family: The House of Lungbarrow (cousins), Irving Braxiatel (older brother), Xeltia Sigma (AU sister), and unnamed mother and father
Personality: Theta is a rather jovial personality; he's much like a child in his curiosity and enthusiasm.
He can be very brave when it comes to protecting something he cares about, though some of that bravery may come from rash thinking.
On the outside, he appears very confident and self-assured. However, on the inside, Theta often doubts his youth and inexperience. In this way, when he has companions, Thet tends to let them lead as much as he does (unlike the Doctor, who tends to take more of a leadership role).
Speaking of the Doctor; being one of the only older Timelords in the universe, Theta looks up to him as a role model. He seeks his acceptance, and sometimes tries to emulate him.
Strengths: knowledge of various sciences, strong will, friendliness, agile
Weakness: anything that remotely resembles cooking, has the tact of a bull in a china shop most days, rash, inexperienced
Likes: pears, bowties, learning/discovering new things, books
Dislikes: bananas, being underestimated, bounty hunters, having to be patient
Dream: Theta dreams of becoming like the Doctor one day; a leader, courageous, travelling the universe and saving worlds with the ease Theta views him to have. He does want to be his own person, though, and is constantly searching for what he can contribute to the universe.
Until he can figure that all out, Thet settles with the everyday dream of enjoying adventures and travels with his companions.
Other: Theta is an AU of the Doctor. He is still in his 1st regeneration.

History: It all started in another universe, actually; Theta Sigma was a student at the Prydonian Academy on Gallifrey, top in his studies, deeply fascinated with the world of void and universe science. When he was 25, he began to study off planet, interning part time with the VSTP, or Void Science and Travel Program, a small team of Timelord researchers whose goal it was to design a way for TARDISes to traverse not just though time and space, but between universes. He became a part of the group, even though he was too young to do any of the engineering, and became very fond of the whole 'traversing universes' concept.

Five years after he had joined VSTP, they had designed a universe-hopping system they were fairly confident would work. However, when they sent an ad out for a test pilot, nobody applied; no Timelord in their right mind trusted such a device to keep them from being killed. The VSTP was disheartened, but then Theta, figuring he ought to give it a shot, asked if he could be the test pilot. Immediately they refused; he was far too young, they thought, for a job so dangerous. But with a fair amount of persuasion from Theta, and time where no one applied to be the test pilot, the VSTP reluctantly agreed to let the young Timelord test out the device.

The device succeeded in bringing Theta to a new universe, but it broke under the strain of traversing the void. Theta, not having the knowledge to fix such a complex device, was stuck in this new universe,; one where there were few timelords, at that. No one would be able to fix the device, not for a long while.

Everything else since then has been roleplayed... I've even got a handy dandy timeline, for the events since then! Smile [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The risk I took was calculated, but man am I bad at math
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Theta Sigma (updated)
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