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 Robin Terrell: Remastered

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PostSubject: Robin Terrell: Remastered   Robin Terrell: Remastered I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 17, 2015 4:02 pm

/This is mostly for me. Robin's so old, she was made before we had this template. And in general, the CC sucked. I'm revising it/

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Robin Terell

Species: Human

Hair: Medium-short, wavy, and red. Naturally a blonde.
Eyes: Grey 

//retconning the yellow, it was never relevant and didn't make sense anyway//

Height: Around 5', give or take an inch
Figure: She's small, and more of a straight line than a bunch of curves.
Other: She's got those big pesky wings. They're about as tall as she is, and black feathered, when they aren't tucked away.

//Also changing this a tad bit. For the mere fact that it was scientifically impossible before/

Clothing: She likes brighter colors, but tends to wear dark ones anyway. Jeans and some sort of top will do, along with tennis shoes, for safety measures. She finds flow-y tops with too many bits and pieces too much work and really impractical. 

Family: She's got a mom, a baby sister, and an older brother. Her mom and sister were hunted down by an alien parasite - using Robin as its host - as a part of its cover story. Her brother may or may not be dead, but she believes he is. Her father has been MIA for as long as she can remember.

Personality: Robin's a brat. She feels awkward around those she hasn't met before, and will probably use a lot of "uh" and "um"s. Around those she has met, though, she'll feel more comfortable. She likes to joke around, and if she can fit a play on words in, she will. As far as seriousness goes, she would prefer not to be. If.. that sentence made sense. Serious matters deserve serious answers, but she'd much rather avoid them. Robin would like to make people laugh, and have a good time. That's about it.

Strengths: Flying's a thing, right? That's a strength. But in all honesty? Her ability to make a joke, probably. Lightens up a bad situation, keeps people engaged. It probably annoys some people, but she'd still call it a strength. And she supposes her bluntness could be a strength.

Weakness: Sometimes Robin's a little to blunt, if she's being honest. Plus, she's got enough secrets to last a lifetime, and those can certainly get tricky to deal with.

Likes: Flying, for one. She has to admit, it's pretty fun. Also, now that she's getting into the swing of 21st century human life, she's discovering that she's quite a fan of chess. Not that good at it, perhaps, but she likes the challenge. Oh, and sometimes adventuring around space. That's fun, too Razz

Dislikes: The bad guys, usually. She doesn't like them too much. At certain points, Sonya, and at all points so far, Night. Those two. They are... Something alright. Whoo. And she supposes she doesn't necessarily like vortex manipulators, now that she's traveled with other means.

Dream: In general, at first, she just wanted to get away from Torchwood and survive like a human who wasn't locked up. Now, though, that threat seems miles away, and with the promise of a new life just on the horizon, she finally wants to feel... normal, she supposes. But she'd never give up her adventures for it, if it came to that.

History: Jessica Terrell was a child of the 53rd century. Her family was doing fairly well and she was doing well in school. Everything was just about average. What she didn't know, though, was that they weren't doing well. At all, actually. Her mother was desperate, and her father was leaving for "work". He never did come back. And he never did write, like he said he would. At a point, a mysterious man came to the door. He had a briefcase and Jessica didn't like him much. Her mother had a conversation with him and he left. And she was crying. Jessica didn't like that much either. It was all getting a bit scary around her house.

Within the next few weeks, her mother had a breakdown on the way to school. She was crying but told her it was okay. "It's okay, Jessica, just go to school and I'll see you soon." She was lying. Jessica was abducted that day. The same afternoon, her mother was paid a big sum of money, and promised protection from an outbreak soon to come. Jessica, however, they couldn't promise.

In an experiment controlled by Torchwood, Jessica was meant to be the recipient of some recombinant DNA. Bird DNA. To this day, she still isn't sure what kind. Experiment 29 out of several hundred, she was locked up in a cell for testing. They had a military to train. 

One day, they made a flesh copy of Jessica. "Gave" her the means to escape, and she did. She needed to think she escaped on her own. And she did.

Jessica, now called Robin, dyed her hair red and fled. Fled the planet, actually. She ended up somewhere in the 21st century and decided to roll with it. This was when she met most of her friends.

Some time in the future, she went to meet with one of her old friends. She was feeling nostalgic and was willing to take the risk. It was a bad idea. No sooner than she'd arrived on the planet, Torchwood was making the plans to capture her. With Sonya and Mal, she "decided" to go and fix some of her problem. That, of course, ended horribly. Thanks, Sonya. Mal stayed in the TARDIS, but Sonya faked her own death to help Robin get away. That didn't work to well either. Thanks, Sonya. The pair was captured in their own ways, but eventually ended up in a room with the current leader of Torchwood. Future Mal. At this point, with the revealing that Robin was, in fact, only a flesh copy, and was sent out as a test, she was "killed" and sent back for training.

Thanks, Sonya.

Around 2 years later, an evil, regenerated Sonya busted her out, more or less. But, with some events that I will not go into detail with, she left her more scarred than ever. With a collar on her neck and Sonya's name branded on her cheek, she was left as Sonya's puppet, rather than Mal's. The Doctor helped her out of her trance, and a while later, Sonya removed her collar. With time, and a bit of help from various members of various communities, she at least got the branding hidden. Enough for her to attempt to enter civilian life properly.

At some point during this, Torchwood released the experiments on the population - but not Robin, or any other escaped ones, evidently, as they weren't there anyway. And at some point during that, Mal was revealed to have been a host for a parasite. Who knew? Torchwood, without their leader, called off the experiments and began.. executing them. They weren't safe.

Later, while on an adventure with the Doctor, Robin herself was inhabited by a parasite. Not the same kind, though. This parasite was just its own being, looking for assassination jobs. One of which included murdering Robin's remaining family, excluding her brother. It was later on when the parasite left on its own accord, and the Doctor helped her recover.

Now, Robin's been traveling with Theta. It's been quite some time and she's got her civilian life back together. What she is unaware of, though, is that sometime in the near future, she is destined to die. Torchwood can't leave their experiments out in the public, not anymore. She isn't safe.

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Robin Terrell: Remastered
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