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 ~ Romana I ~

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Romana I

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PostSubject: ~ Romana I ~   Sat Jan 30, 2016 6:59 pm

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Romanadvoratrelundar {Romana I}

Species: Gallifreyan {Time Lady}
Age: 140
Gender: Female
Occupation: The Doctor’s Assistant (assigned by the White Guardian)
Status: She is very high ranked for her age. She has only just passed the Academy (with a triple first), but already has a normal job on Gallifrey and was assigned to a mission by the White Guardian.

Hair: This regeneration of Romana has wavy, dark brown hair.
Eyes: Her eyes are the same color.
Height: 5’ 4.5” (164 cm.)
Figure: She has a slim figure which she compliments with appropriate clothing.
Other: N/A
Clothing: Romana is very fashion-conscious, wearing a variety of different clothing to fit the situation. Sometimes her decisions are not the best considering all of the adventures she gets in with the Doctor. She’s been forced to learn to run in heels.

Family: Romana is a part of relatively well-known family of the House of Heartshaven. Her cousin was a prominent part of her life, and one of her only friends.
Personality: Romana is generally bossy, but she is actually a good leader. The President type, you could say. If anything, her vanity and pride got in the way. She was significantly bettered, however, after meeting the Doctor.
Initially, her relationship with the Doctor had been one of loathing, with the both of them and their ego keeping them from respecting the other. Romana had initially found the Doctor’s differentness from the others of their race extremely annoying, but…
That changed. During their first adventure, Romana learned respect for the Doctor and his oddness became more of a curiosity than an annoyance. They soon became an inseparable duo, except for…
Well, when they got separated. Which was often.

Strengths: cleverness, leadership, beauty (yes, that counts), driving the TARDIS better than the Doctor (that counts too)
Weaknesses: ignorance to emotions, inexperience, overconfidence
Likes: the Doctor, good poetry and other prose, adventures with the Doctor
Dislikes: the Doctor, stupidity, things she considers “primitive”
Dream: Initially, her travels with the Doctor were only done to satisfy the White Guardian and find the Key to Time. Later, she genuinely enjoyed travelling and the Doctor’s company.
History: (Will be more thoroughly covered in Timeline. Um, I’m NOT lazy right now… Also, note that the audios and other non-TV stories are NOT canon here. Sorry~ I haven’t had the time to listen/read them yet.)
Romana’s early life was rather uneventful. She didn’t have friends; she only had one, her cousin. She was spoiled, always getting everything she wanted on her birthdays and half-birthdays and any day. That changed when she went to the Academy…
Without her family for support, Romana had trouble fitting in. Making friends was an impossibility; the other students were jealous of her academic superiority, and she didn’t like them anyway. She was well-known as the “teachers’ pet”, but she was never on good terms with the other students.
Gradually, Romana began to take more and more difficult classes, seeking the challenge. Graduating with a triple first at the age 120, she was wanted in many departments despite having no social connections. She lived a normal but privileged life from then after, until the Lord President (in actuality the White Guardian) assigned her to a mission with a renegade.
Naturally, she agreed to it. What else could she do? And besides, it was something different that she could brag about.
Her journey began with animosity to the Time Lord which she was supposedly “assisting”, but eventual cooperation led to a rather fun set of adventures during her search for the Key to Time. She got to see the universe, and she gained a friend.
So she didn’t want to leave afterwards. Admittedly, she liked travelling with the Doctor, and she just couldn’t go back to Gallifrey then.
She shared a few more adventures with the Doctor before regeneration, trying several forms before settling on that of Princess Astra.
(Since audios aren’t canon, we may eventually find an explanation for her regeneration.)

HOW DID YOU FIND US?: I searched online “Doctor Who RP”, and you were the first result!
    The flashlight flickered as Romana waved it across the ground. She could see them now; there was no way to get across. Before she’d met him, she would have waited until day, but…
She was more impatient now, perhaps as a side effect from travelling. She expected more than she had on Gallifrey. And she just couldn’t keep the Doctor waiting – she thought as she glanced at him worriedly. Although she was the one in danger by trying to cross the infested pavement, she was admittedly more worried for him than for herself.
    She reached into her pack. It was more than just a fashion statement; surely something inside could help! Most of it was probably the Doctor’s. She didn’t remember packing some of these items. She pulled out a match and lit it with the side of the matchbook, throwing it into the center of the road. According to Sonic Screwdriver readings (she’d taken it from where he always did – his pocket), they were less densely populated where the matches were. Lighting more, she managed to make a rough path.
It still wasn’t safe. Perhaps she could drive them away from her fire-path? These creatures must eat something. She threw a carrot out, but to no avail. It remained untouched as the Screwdriver told Romana that the Vashta Nerada were returning, despite the fire.
   She hadn’t packed that. The rubber duck looked rather childish and joyful compared to everything else. The Screwdriver notified her that the Vashta Nerada were coming closer, near to her rather than the fire.
   The sound had attracted them! Romana squeezed the rubber duck.
   The shadows drew closer. Romana threw the duck to the side, where it squeaked upon impact. The monsters followed it, and Romana ran across the path of matches to the other side of the street.
   “I suppose you’d like this back?” she asked in an overly monotonous manner, making fun of the sameness that had enclosed her before they had met.

(I'm new at this, so I'm sorry for shortness. I will forever be learning from you all. xD)
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Audrey/Amy Pond

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PostSubject: Re: ~ Romana I ~   Tue Feb 02, 2016 9:26 pm

I know I'm not an admin or mod, but really nice job!
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Romana I

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PostSubject: Re: ~ Romana I ~   Tue Feb 02, 2016 9:36 pm

I'm surprised you said that because I was
crunched on time
doing this for the first time.
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PostSubject: Re: ~ Romana I ~   Sun Feb 07, 2016 1:57 pm


I'm sorry it took so long >.<'

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"Look forwards into life, not backwards...otherwise you may find your face planted into the back of a lamp-post." -Flannagan
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PostSubject: Re: ~ Romana I ~   

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~ Romana I ~
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