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 In Sin Town

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PostSubject: In Sin Town   In Sin Town I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 04, 2016 9:24 pm

(For nox, my fellow sinner)

Chris sighed heavily, arms crossed as she strolled down the sidewalks of London, talons clacking on the cement. She thought this part of history was more interesting than this. It was just barbaric, though. Nothing was evolved yet, not really. The technology had barely begun to take off. It was like walking through a pig pen, almost. Just.... Everything was so underdeveloped. She wanted to go back to the future, because she was bored here. If only she knew where her ride went - for some reason he really liked it around here. She didn't share that fascination. Chris was bored. 

She continued on, realizing she'd made it to the bad part of town. At least she assumed that - it was even less evolved that usual. Spray paint covered the buildings, windows were boarded up, and there were far too many dark alleys for her liking. The people hanging around, though, were a bit more interesting. Not exactly good interesting. More like 'I wonder what kind of drug that woman is taking' interesting. It seemed like a dangerous area - the kind of area where her usual 'it's just a cosplay' excuse for her appearance wouldn't go over well. But the potential danger was giving her the best sense of adrenaline she'd had all day, so she just kept going. She wasn't getting that many looks anyway.

In Sin Town A_roob14
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In Sin Town
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