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 Ghost Town [Brooke, Care, Jack]

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PostSubject: Ghost Town [Brooke, Care, Jack]   Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:38 pm

Brooke walked down the hall quietly in deep thought, reflecting on the things that had happened recently. She was deeply confused about many things and still felt that she was in a state of shock about it all. She had her arms folded across her chest, holding her arms almost as if hugging herself, and barely paid attention to where she was walking. She was just walking. The Tardis was immense, and she didn't really care much, right now, if she got lost for a while. The library was always a good place to head for, but the Doctor would know where to find her there, and she kind of didn't feel like being found just yet.

The familiar weight of the Nintendo bag at her side was somewhat comforting, a memory of her mother who had given it to her, as well as the locket hanging from her neck. But what did she have to remember her father by? Not the horrible man that she had known all of her childhood, who had beaten and yelled at her and made her feel worthless, but the changed man she had met at the rehab place shortly before he died. She couldn't get him out of her mind, wondering what had changed him so much.

Passing through a doorway, she suddenly felt an odd sensation. She froze and looked around herself. Something was happening. She felt.. as if she were being tugged away. What was this? She felt a bit woozy.. a feeling that was all too familiar to her. She closed her eyes and tried her best to fight the feeling that she might faint. She didn't want to faint, maybe if she fought it hard enough it would pass.

After a few moments, she decided that the feeling had passed, and she opened her eyes as she exhaled slowly. Then she blinked and rubbed her eyes before looking around again. Where was she? She had never seen this place before, and she wasn't sure how she got here. She stood in the middle of an empty street, not in the hallway of the Tardis where she had been moments before. But how? She turned in a full circle, frowning in confusion and trying not to feel afraid. She didn't see anything dangerous around, but the fact that she was suddenly somewhere that she hadn't been a few seconds ago was rather alarming. The last time that happened, she'd ended up in the Tardis, but this time she was apparently not in the Tardis.

"H..hello?" She called softly, nervously, and tentatively. She turned quickly as she thought she caught a glimpse of movement in her peripheral vision, but when she looked, there wasn't anyone there. Feeling a chill down her back, she hugged herself tighter and tried to take slow breaths to keep from panicking. She did not want to have an asthma attack, nor did she want to have an anxiety one. Taking a slow and shaky breath, the girl forced herself to begin walking, to explore this town and hopefully find out where she was.
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Ghost Town [Brooke, Care, Jack]
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