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 A new beginning [Care - Charity - Ten]

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Nancy "Care" Pepin

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PostSubject: A new beginning [Care - Charity - Ten]   Wed Dec 06, 2017 7:55 pm

[This is the next day after "The Doctor is in"]

Care slowly opened her eyes, looking at the unfamiliar seeling, she just felt a bit confused at first, like she just couldn't find where or when she was. She then remembered the last day events and quickly put it all away from her mind. A new day was upon her, and she intended, no matter how she felt, to make the most of the miracle she was living in. She felt cheerful and optimistic. She was living something great, she was in a space machine, she was living the most thrilling adventure of her life.

She got up and realised she didn't have anything with her. No clothing, no hygiene stuff, only the clothing she had been wearing yesterday and her purse. She had a problem that needed solving. Perhaps the other girl... what was her name again? Charity, yes, that was it. Perhaps Charity would have a few clothing, a could give her some soap and lend her a towel to at least shower.

She opened the door and then realise she couldn't even remember how she got in the room she was in. This was going to be quite an exploration early in the morning. She felt a smile forming on her face. She loved that strange anxiety mixed with trill and pleasure that came with novelty. When all was new, she felt like a kid unwrapping Christmas gifts.

She stepped into the corridor and decided to let herself be led by intuition and luck. Fate usually was on her side, and she strangely felt at home in this "tardis". She turned right and walked a few steps before a door presented itself before her. Logically, the sleeping quarters would be close to one another. Perhaps it would be the same here. She knocked.
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PostSubject: Re: A new beginning [Care - Charity - Ten]   Sat Feb 17, 2018 3:09 pm

Charity was just finishing putting her hair in a ponytail when she heard a knock at the door. She tilted her head, turning toward the door. She was dressed already, in comfy jeans and tee shirt, and sneakers.
"It's open, come on in." She called out unconcernedly, but in a cheerful tone.

It didn't sound like the Doctor's knock but even if it was him, it wasn't as if she weren't dressed so she had no problem with whoever it was coming into her room. Tightening the ponytail up a bit, she set her brush down and turned to see who was there, a smile on her face to greet whoever it was.. she assumed it might be Care but she'd find out in just a moment.
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A new beginning [Care - Charity - Ten]
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