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 A Terror Attempt...on the Moon

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PostSubject: A Terror Attempt...on the Moon   Tue Nov 26, 2013 9:30 pm

The moon in the 51st century was an interesting place. Well, it wasn't really called the moon as much anymore, but Luna, since there were many other moons out there. You couldn't just go around calling every moon the moon, now could you?

So anyways, Luna in the 51st century was an interesting place. It was no longer grey and dusty like it had been centuries past. In this time period, Luna was a hustling and bustling place, with space ports and vacation resorts and neighbourhoods and any other thing you could think of that would belong on a planet or moon.

Maruchi quite liked Luna. Luna had been the site of his newest job, and it was unlike any other moon he'd been to. All other moons tended to be a little on the unpopulated side, but Luna was like New New York in how busy it was. Maruchi guessed it had something to do with the planet below; Earth. Earth was home to so many races, it was hardly a surprise that the Earth's moon was busy, too. Trees. Humans. Silurians. Cats. All those big names in the galaxy that a child could name without thinking about it.

Right now was the start of his weekend, thank goodness. The Agreel had been working his tail off all week, so it was nice to finally find some time to relax. Like one would expect, a large population means a large amount of injured or sick patients in the hospital. He loved helping others, but it was times like this that he just wanted to find a nice sunny spot to lay in and sleep. All he had to do was find a phone so that he could call his brother (as he always did at the start of weekends) then he'd be home free.

"Excuse me, miss?" He tapped a claw on her shoulder, slightly vexed at how he had to reach to do so. Damn height. "Do you know if there are any Communicator Booths nearby? I'm new to the area, so I wouldn't know"

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PostSubject: Re: A Terror Attempt...on the Moon   Tue Nov 26, 2013 9:41 pm

Leatha jumped at the tap on her shoulder. She turned hastily to see a small reptilian behind her. "Hmm, yes and no. There are a few privet ones. The public ones are over on the east side" She smiled, she didn't see many reptiles, it was mainly humans who had their summer homes here and some annoying gurgling creatures that could be described as ugly blob fish, at best. Leatha was on her break from working as a receptionist at the local hospital, and thus she was dressed in a crisp white shirt with name tag stuck to the left breast pocket and light blue trousers. Leatha gestured for the creature to follow her, "I can show you over there if you want" she said happily. Her thirty minuet lunch break had started ten minuets or so ago, she had finished lunch and was ready for some exploring. "What brings you to Luna?" she asked.
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A Terror Attempt...on the Moon
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