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 Gone tomorrow

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Sydney was getting more scared by the minute. She nervously clung to Brax’s arm without thinking about it. She was jumping at every sound and movement around her. Suddenly, Brax was no longer next to her. Instead, he was leaning against a wall as if he could not stand on his own. “Brax? Brax, are you ok?” Sydney said nervously. She turned to the other 2 girls and worriedly said, “Whats going on?”
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Braxien looked at the two, crouched next to him but all he returned was a glazed look. He stood up, grabbing the nearest object, wielding it like a weapon.

"Run…run…" He said through clenched teeth.

"Aww, don't ruin my fun!"

Braxien wildly swung the object, no control over his actions. The swing was forced, Braxien was using all of his energy to prevent the attack.


He swung again, stepping towards Harley. A sly smirk appeared at the corner of his mouth, he raised the weapon and…his hand stopped, nothing could bring it down and nothing could make it move.

'Stalemate.' He thought to himself.


Braxien suddenly backed off, clutching his head in pain, as if he was having an implosion of his brain. He cowered against the wall, similar to a boy scared of his own shadow.

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Gone tomorrow
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