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 Far Away for Far Too Long

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PostSubject: Far Away for Far Too Long   Tue May 21, 2013 9:55 pm

It had been 10 years since Rose Tyler last saw the original Doctor. 10 years since he had left her and his clone, who now went by John, on Bad Wolf Bay. In those 10 years, Rose had started working for Torchwood, and although it took a while to adjust, Rose and John settled down. It wasn't easy in the beginning though. Rose tried to get use to the idea that this Doctor was the same Doctor, just a half time-lord, half human version of him. He could grow old, and die with her. Her mind kept wondering back to the other Doctor from time to time. The one she knew was in another universe, traveling space and time with another companion. A companion that should have been her. But it wasn't. John had a hard time even being still. Although he was technically a "newborn", his memories, feelings and experiences were the same. Although he, himself didn't technically live through the memories, it felt like he did. He had to find new ways to keep himself busy. At first, they traveled to different countries, but Rose soon wanted to settle down and find a job, and John agreed. Anything to make her happy.

Now, after so many years, John had adjusted and was working as a school teacher. After all, he had so much knowledge to share. Today was Rose's day off, and she was home alone. The house was clean, the errands were done. Nothing else was left to do. She wanted to go somewhere, but she wasn't sure where. She grabbed her purse and keys and got in her car and started to drive. She let her mind drift as her body drove on auto-pilot. After 20 minutes, she blinked and realized she was parked in the parking lot of Bad Wolf Bay. She frowned and got out of the car and walked towards the bay. She stopped and looked to her left. This wasn't the exact spot where he left her, but it was close. Why was she thinking about him now? It had been 10 years, surely he would have came back now. And what did it matter? She was in love with her Doctor. John Smith. Her Doctor. Plus, she was sure that the new doctor probably regenerated already.

She sat down on the sand and stared out at the water. John still had the same personality as he did before, but there was no denying that he had changed. He wasn't the same man as he use to be. He didn't seem happy at times. She remembered in the beginning, having to wake him from nightmares. He went through a bad stage in the beginning due to him being away from the TARDIS. Him and the TARDIS had grown up together and it was bad for about a month as he tried to adjust.

Rose looked up at the sky and sighed "Doctor, I know your intentions were good, but I miss you....I miss traveling with you. John...I don't think he belongs here...and neither do I."
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PostSubject: Re: Far Away for Far Too Long   Tue May 21, 2013 11:28 pm

It had been a quite difficult time for Medwyn trying to deal with all the new things, people and especially the recent experiences that suddenly crossed her way and appeared to have changed her life...
It had been a couple of months since she last accidentally met a new Time Lord.
(The last time had been the one where she, two regenerations of the Doctor and a woman named Sonya were taken back to Gallifrey.)

After all this she had returned to her duty, gave her best at work, and took every chance to see new planets - Actually: The usual, even though Medwyn seemed less easy-going than ever before.
Mostly because slowly but surely she began to realize that her entire life on earth technically had been a fake, which meant to her: It was pointless. She was pointless.
...And yet no single hint about Medwyn's true past or destiny though...
Putting that thought aside she left the Maldovarium in anticipation to return to Earth.
She still was not self-confident enough to travel without using her Vortex Manipulator.
(Even though the Doctor told her, that there would be no actual danger for her - But Medwyn still fought with her own doubts regarding her abilities...)

Setting coordinates back to Earth she vanished in a white flash of light and thought about her current situation - Whether, and if - When - she may have the guts to try...
She forced herself not to be distracted by thoughts like this as she finally rematerialized at a place that looked very... Earthly...
It almost reminded her a tad on Antarctica beach.
She nevertheless instantly had a bad feeling about this place - Even worse than the one she encountered after she was taken through the time lock...
Hastily trying to run a scan on the environment she realized that she was looking into the face of a young human woman who stood about fourty feet away from her.
Medwyn wanted to hail her and rose her hand, but she was not even able to wave, for she became weaker within a single second.
She wanted to call for help, but was not even able to talk - The last thing she sensed was herself falling into the cold water and fading away as if she'd fallen into a deep coma...
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PostSubject: Re: Far Away for Far Too Long   Wed May 22, 2013 8:16 pm

Rose didn't expect anyone to answer her when she had spoke out loud, but sure enough, 5 seconds after she ended her sentence, she heard a familiar rushing noise. She gasped, looking to her left, she quickly stood up as a woman, average height with copper hair stood before her. She glanced down at the woman's arm, where she saw a Vortex Manipulator. She glanced back at the woman's face, only to see her eyes roll back in her head.

"No..." Rose said, not a shout, or a whisper, but something in between. She ran forward, catching her before she could fully hit the sand. She laid her down gently on her back and felt for a pulse. It was very weak, but it was there. She grabbed for her phone and was about to call 911, but stopped and thought for a moment. If this woman had a Vortex Manipulator, then that means she came from TorchWood...but she had never seen her before. She wasn't sure what it was, but something wasn't right. This woman wasn't from this universe. She quickly dialed her good friend who worked at TorchWood, Jenna.

"Jenna speaking," She said, answering her cell.

"Jenna, it's Rose. I need your help! Get to Bad Wolf Bay, ASAP. It's an emergency!"

"Got it, on my way!" She said, before hanging up.

Rose threw down her cell, checking the woman's pulse which had become weaker. She started CPR on her, knowing that it would keep her heart pumping until Jenna got here. Jenna started shortly after Rose did, and they found a lot in common with each other. She even told her about the Doctor, the other universe, and the adventures she went on. They knew each other well, so when Rose told her to get here ASAP, she knew that meant turn on the lights and speed.

5 Minutes and Rose turned around and smiled. Jenna didn't stop and park in the parking lot, oh no, that wouldn't work. She went ahead and drove out on the beach, racing towards Rose. She stopped and got out. "What happened? Who is she?"

"She just appeared out of no where, help me get her in the car. Jenna, trust me when I say, something's not right. We need to get her to TorchWood ASAP," Rose said.

They loaded her in the car where Rose kept up her heart beat. They arrived at Torchwood and Jenna grabbed some people to help get her in. They put her on a stretcher and wheeled her away.

"Jenna, follow them, and keep me updated will you, please? I want to know everything about that woman. Come and get me when she wakes up," Rose said, before turning and heading to her office.
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PostSubject: Re: Far Away for Far Too Long   Wed May 22, 2013 9:27 pm

(I wanna join but I can't think of a way for my character to get to the other universe Razz I'm just gonna stalk your thread until I can find an opening.)

Banner made by: Sayo/ 9Th Doctor
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PostSubject: Re: Far Away for Far Too Long   Wed May 22, 2013 9:40 pm

((haha, sounds good! Smile ))
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PostSubject: Re: Far Away for Far Too Long   Thu May 23, 2013 12:41 am

For some seconds within her state, which mostly felt like a bizarre dreamless sleep to her, she could have sworn to feel the presence of a person.
As her apparent body temperature sank her head and eyes felt like they instantly would have gotten much heavier. Within her own sensing, her body gained enormous weight within seconds and felt like blowing apart at the same time...
...She sensed something touching her, but was neither able to express herself, nor to sense who it was.
She however had the strong feeling that the touching meant no harm to her.

But exactly that was the problem: Not able to think one particular thought, the only thing Medwyn was able to rely on were weak, incomprehensible feelings within utter vacuum around her. And Medwyn had never been a life form very experienced in relying on her feelings...
However... She already had begun to care less from minute to minute.
There was no sense in trying to analyze feelings at all, for she was not even able to think about what the term analyzing meant anymore...
With the blackness around growing, and all her body becoming heavier, she simply faded away...

"Fight it!" A voice hissed in a resolute, almost ordering tone.
Medwyn did not react. Even though there was some subconscious part in her, which vaguely recognized a male voice in her mind, she was not able to comprehend the actual situation yet.
"You must keep yourself together now! Lesson 26!" The voice commanded.
Lesson what? A tiny bit of consciousness within Medwyn asked herself.
"Emergency-procedure 7: Stabilize and standby!"
With a shade of her mind, Medwyn asked herself who was talking to her...
"You know my name! Something of me has never left you!" The voice answered.
Something of what? That sounded quite weird to her... She thought by herself, Slowly gaining back some of her mental capacity. What was happening to her right now?
She roughly remembered fading away on that beach - Something highly wrong had happened: She had been ripped out of her universe... She was dying...
"Not yet!" The voice hissed again, before it continued in a rather moderate tone. "...You are stabilized again. You saved yourself. You saved us."
Whatever the voice referred to that she'd have done, the incredible pressure on her body stopped.
For a moment she even felt weightless within this black vacuum.
And within one more split second, the familiar voice in her mind left , and she was nothing but Medwyn again...

The apparent temperature and pulse of Medwyn normalized again.
She had escaped death...
...But yet, she was still unconscious, automatically awaiting assistance...
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PostSubject: Re: Far Away for Far Too Long   Thu May 23, 2013 8:10 pm

Rose was just about done with some paper work when her cell rang. She sighed, grateful for the break. She reached for her cell, and glanced at the screen. 'John' it read. A small, but sad smile reached her before she answered.

"Hey..." Rose said, her voice clearing giving away that she was tired.

"Hello! You sound tired? It's your day off, is it not? Why are you tired?" John said, sounding slightly concerned.

"Yes, well, I was at the Bay..."

"Bad Wolf Bay?"

"Yes, John, Bad Wolf Bay, and this woman appeared out of no where and passed out. She was one of our kind. So I took her to Torchwood. I don't think she belongs in this universe though," Rose said.

"After I get off, I'll come down and see if I can help," John said, excitement just on the edge of his voice.

Yes, if something exciting was happening at TorchWood, John always wanted to be involved. It soothed his sense of adventure that he always craved so much.

Rose frowned, "John, not this time...I'm sorry..."

"What? Rose, come on! It's you and me! Just like old times..." John said, and Rose could hear his heartbreaking over the phone.

"I'm sorry, love...but let me handle this one on my own. I'm sure it's nothing to be worried about. I don't see this going anywhere."

"Right..." John said, disappointment heavy in his voice.

Jenna knocked quickly and entered, "She's waking up," she hissed.

Rose nodded, "Listen John, she's waking up. I promise to call you if this becomes more then what I thought it was. I love you, bye!" she said, quickly hanging up.

She got up and followed Jenna to the recovering room on the West side of the building. The truth was, she wasn't planning on telling John anything more about this woman, and she almost regretted telling him what she did tell him. The truth was, that something was familiar about this woman, but it wasn't a feeling she recognized. It was a different kind of recognition that she wasn't use to, but it nagged at her.

She stepped into the woman and walked to the side of the woman's bed. She checked the monitor's, and sure enough, signs showed that she was about to wake up. She stood, and waited, staring down at the woman with a calm, and caring look on her face. She didn't want to freak her out after all when she woke up.
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PostSubject: Re: Far Away for Far Too Long   

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Far Away for Far Too Long
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