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 The day I met the bluebox (open)

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Annie Maldonato

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PostSubject: Re: The day I met the bluebox (open)   Fri Aug 22, 2014 11:07 pm

"Last thing we did was 'ave coffee on the marais." Annie said, leaning against the console and looking at the two other travelers. "Relax, Alice. The Doctor's a good guy. 'e isn't gonna bite or nothin'."

She looked to the Doctor and smirked, "Though ya could be a bit of a jerk. That still goin' on? Also, glad t'see your fashion sense 'as improved. Those other coats were nearly blindin'."
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PostSubject: *   Sun Oct 26, 2014 12:18 am

*walks past tardis or police box but then looks back at tardis* Sophia:Oh well that's new well i need to call someone anyway *walks into tardis then eyes widen* Sophia: W...What? *runs out of tardis and in and out and in of the tardis over and over again* Sophia: Its bigger on the inside *walks out* Sophia: and its smaller on the outside *walks into tardis* Sophia: Hello? is anyone here?
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PostSubject: Re: The day I met the bluebox (open)   Sun Oct 26, 2014 4:57 am

[Indy: Before you can RP, please make a character, located Here So head over to that link provided and you'll be steps closer to be able to RP!]


"Look forwards into life, not backwards...otherwise you may find your face planted into the back of a lamp-post." -Flannagan
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PostSubject: Re: The day I met the bluebox (open)   

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The day I met the bluebox (open)
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