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 Astronia (Lyrae Cloud Galaxy)

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PostSubject: Astronia (Lyrae Cloud Galaxy)   Sat Jun 27, 2015 6:32 am

-Images and description-

This planet has a purple sky, five moons, and one major continent with a few islands scattered around.
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During certain times of the year, you can see a beautiful light show similar to the Northern Lights in our world.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and at night: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

One of the continents is inhabited equally by the Neteri people and humans. Various tribes of Douridriths live on this continent as well, though they travel all over, and never stay in one place for long. On the continent, there are huge, souring mountains focusing around the center of the land, with a large lake in the middle of the mountain range.
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There are lovely, pink-blossomed trees that surround the borders of the lake: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
The emperor's palace hovers in the air over this lake, defying the laws of gravity.
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Also, somewhere in the mountains there lives a group of monks who have built their homes in the highest points of the mountains. It is a beautiful land there, with many small waterfalls and patches of snow. There may be humans or Neterians living in this place, as it is open to any who wish to join them.
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Area it's in- Lyrae Cloud Galaxy

Species- Natives:  
Neteri: This race has paper-white skin and the females are usually petite and dainty, while the males are normally semi-small built in frame, but tall. They have eyes the colors of different jewels, (such as ruby, emerald, sapphire, etc). Their eyes are the color of diamonds when they are young, and then when they reach the 'adult' age, their eyes change to whatever color gem that they like best. Their hair tends to be whatever color they are in the mood for at the time. For instance, if a female is wearing a purple dress, she might purposely make her hair the same color as the dress, to match. They wear fancy, elaborate clothing similar to the fashions worn in the French Revolution time period and etc.. big fancy dresses with puffs and ruffles and bows, and guys with lots of frills and dressy stuff, etc..

Douridriths: These aliens have pale green skin, and a sort of frilled/webbed kind of ears on the sides of their heads. They have eyes ranging from yellow, green, and gold. This race is much like the gypsies, they don't know exactly where they originate from, and they spend their lives traveling the lands, and tend to dress in typical gypsy fashions, etc.. they wear a lot of jewelry and dance a lot, too.
(two pics that I have: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] )

Animals on this planet include most of the ones you'd find on our world. There's probably some alien ones too but I haven't thought them up yet..

Plants- There are many of the same plants as you would find in our world. Some of the special ones are Phoenix Laceflower, a plant that has a lacy-like flower in colors ranging from bright orange to vibrant red. There's others as well that will be added later as I think of them.

Moons, Rings: No rings. This planet has five moons, each one looks slightly different, similar to the various moons that some of our planets have. Names of the moons are TBA.

Suns: Astronia is the third planet from its Binary Sun. From Astronia, you can't really tell that it's two suns, however.

Atmosphere: Astronia has a sky that is a lovely shade of purple, and in the evening it turns dark purple and you can see millions of bright stars through the velvety black sky. Very breathable atmosphere, compatible with humans and various other life forms.

Civilization: The Neteri are the primary native species of Astronia. They have a very advanced civilization, and are generally welcoming and friendly to all other races. In some ways they are less advanced, in that they dress in clothing you might find in the 1700's in Europe or something, but they also are very advanced and futuristic, as they have a lot of technology that is far beyond what modern day humans have. The Emperor, who is also Neterian, has his home in the center of this planet, and all of the branches of the Imperial military are based out of this planet. These people live in harmony with the humans, who are not native to this planet at all. The reason there are humans there, is because a long time ago(maybe a thousand years?) the Neterians ventured out in their space ships, and discovered that there were other people who lived on other planets in their solar system. They found Humans and Elves and a few other races who lived on the planet Luvecem, and after spending a few years making friends with these races, a few humans decided to take up the Neterian's invitation to come and visit their planet, and some humans stayed there because they liked it, then more came, and pretty soon there were a lot of humans living there, while some Neterians decided to stay on Luvecem, because they liked how advanced the technology was in relation to how it was on Luvecem. Not many elves chose to come, however, so it would be very rare to find an elf on Astronia.

Trade: They have a very steady trade in jewels, as there are many places in the mountains where jewels are mined, using robots to do the difficult work for them.

Other: this planet homes the military bases for all branches of the Imperial Forces, which include the Imperial Galactic Forces(IGF), the Imperial Air Force(IAF), Imperial Marine Forces(IMF), and the Imperial Guard. Any race can join any branch of this military. The empire consists of Astronia, Aquoshillon, Plufido, and Esmaestea. As of yet, Luvecem is on friendly/allied terms with the emperor, but has no wish to be part of the empire. The other two planets in this galaxy, Drodetune and Strabotune, are enemies of the Empire.

(I will update stuff as I come up with more to add to it Smile )
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Astronia (Lyrae Cloud Galaxy)
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