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 Aquoshillon (Lyrae Cloud Galaxy)

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PostSubject: Aquoshillon (Lyrae Cloud Galaxy)   Mon Aug 08, 2016 9:15 pm

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] Aquoshillon is a planet covered entirely in water. It is the 4th planet from the binary suns and you can see that it's two suns from the surface of the planet. On the surface of the planet is a space port, which is large enough to allow many different kinds of ships to be docked, and has some shops as well as a military base there.

From there you can take a sort of elevator down below the surface of the water, to where the people live. There are hexagonal domes under the surface, which are called Sectors. (for example Sector 24, sector 1, and so on)
The sectors/domes are connected by a subway system. There is one flat rate to ride the subway to any sector you want to go to. There are many different sectors. There are some which are nothing but parks, and some which are for living. There are some where trees are grown to produce oxygen, and other sectors where fruits and vegetables are grown. There is one sector which is nothing but a cemetery. Sector 1 is the capitol, the busiest city and is also where the Emperor owns a vacation home and where some ambassadors live.

On the surface, there is a large swimming area fenced off to be safe. This has tall plexiglass sides and a mesh bottom to allow water to flow through but prevent the aquatic creatures to get into the swimming area.

Area it's in- Lyrae Cloud Galaxy

Species- There are no people that are native to this planet, but there are many aquatic creatures that inhabit the waters. The most prominent creature is known as Phantom sharks.

These have a huge, muscular tail with a long anal fin running down the length of it, six large side fins and a wide, sail-like dorsal fin. They have six eyes which sit sunken in their sockets and make them appear to be cold and calculating. Their eyesight is almost the best of all species native to Aquoshillon. Their huge mouths contain four rows of sharp teeth. That combined with their long noses gives them a bold appearance. Their ears are well hidden but their hearing quite good, but based on sonar hearing. They also have spikes running down their backs and four horns on their heads. Their skin is thick, smooth, and quite strong. Their skin colors are mostly light purple and light silver, which tend to become pale as they age and gives them a phantom-like appearance. The males are usually stronger and sneakier than their female counter part and their colors are more vibrant. The females, however, are usually more confident and are usually larger but have a smaller dorsal fin.
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(Male P shark)

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(Female P shark)

Plants- coral and seaweed and typical aquatic plants can be seen along the ocean floor.

Moons, Rings: Aquoshillon has two semi-small moons, named Futiona and Gitilier. They were once one large moon but split apart long ago. No one knows what it was called then, since there are apparently no native inhabitants of the planet.

Suns: Binary solar system. Aquoshillon has an elliptical orbit around two suns, and is close enough to see that there are two suns rather than one. In the winter, the plant is far away from the suns which makes the water too cold for swimming, and in the summer it is very close to the suns which makes the water too hot for swimming.

Atmosphere: The planet is covered entirely in water, but on the surface it has a breathable atmosphere. The people who have colonized the planet have made domes under the water and made it liveable.

Civilization: many different types of people live here, it is sort of like a 'melting pot', people from various planets within the empire have come to live here.

Trade: it is a colony planet, as well as a big tourist attraction. Vegetables and fruits are grown in certain domes, but any meat or dairy or miscellaneous things have to be imported in from other planets.

Other: The Imperial Forces have a presence on this planet, and live on the base/spaceport. There are also some who patrol the Sectors and act as police. It takes many years to build a new dome, since the construction must take place under water and once the dome has been built and made leak-proof, they have to pump all the water out from it and then build whatever they need to build within the dome.

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PostSubject: Re: Aquoshillon (Lyrae Cloud Galaxy)   Thu Aug 18, 2016 5:41 pm

Sounds pretty solid Smile

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Aquoshillon (Lyrae Cloud Galaxy)
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