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 A Bounty and a Cruise Ship ((Open))

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wyatt walton
wyatt walton

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A Bounty and a Cruise Ship ((Open)) Empty
PostSubject: A Bounty and a Cruise Ship ((Open))   A Bounty and a Cruise Ship ((Open)) I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 26, 2014 4:05 am

'Cowards all of them hiding behind their numbers like it gave them power to do whatever they wanted. Worst of all people let them do what they wanted, they were just a bunch of stupid teens going around causing havoc, doing drugs and just being a thorn in my side.' A group of five human teenagers stood between Wyatt and his target, a low level criminal Ron Dran known for hiring aspiring gangs to do his dirty work. His most recent heist resulted in the death of a very rich man's son, it was as much the kids fault as it was Ron's. The kid believed there was nothing his father's money couldn't do buy drugs, pay bail and bribe cops. Still money can't bring you back from the dead no matter how much a loving father wants it to. Now here was yet another gang trying to 'make it big' being tricked into taking the fall for Ron Dran. These teens were only a few years younger than Wyatt, so he decided out of pity he would spare their lives. Hopefully the beating they were about to receive would make them realize how dangerous their current career choice was.

    The biggest of the group sneered at Wyatt trying to appear tougher than he really was. "What do you want with Mr. Dran!?" Wyatt sized up the group in a matter of seconds no combat skill, no guns, only knives and a baseball bat. Primitive weapons but still effective at maiming and killing. Two minutes maybe three then Ron would be gone so these kids had to go. "I'm here to put him six feet under in a pine box. If your smart enough you would be wise to step aside or stay and end up hospitalized for the next two weeks. You have five seconds to make your choice. One... Two..." The smallest in the group ran off "Three... Four..." Wyatt uncovered his pistol holster and another one took off now there were only three now. "Five!" Wyatt pulled out his laser pistol and shoot the baseball bat igniting it in the hands of one of the teens. The bigger teen rushed forward knife ready. When he lunged at Wyatt the bounty hunter side stepped letting the arm pass by. He grabbed the kid's wrist gave it a twist in the wrong direction and then brought his elbow down on top of the teen's over extended elbow. There was a sickening crack followed by howls of pain from the teen clucking his arm to his chest as he fell to his knees. Wyatt grabbed the teen's head pulling it down to meet his knee coming up. The teen was out cold on impact, at least now he couldn't feel the pain. The other two rushed forward swinging wildly trying to connect with their opponent. One stepped at an awkward angle as he tried to throw a right hook. Wyatt swept the kid's leg out from under him then grabbed the other teen and threw him on top of his friend. Wyatt switched his pistol to stun aimed it at the two and fired. A wave of concentrated electricity jumped from the gun and to the pair of bodies on the ground like a bolt of lightning only less lethal.

Stepping over the twitching teens he made his way to the office building behind them. He slammed his boot against the door throwing it open. But when he got inside a back window was open and no one was inside. "For the love of... why do they always run, why? It only makes my job take longer." Ron wouldn't have left without a play, even a low level criminal would have a fallback play. There was a personal computer interface on a desk at the end of the room. The display showed tickets for a space cruise liner leaving in half an hour. "I hate cruise ships, too many people too close together in an enclosed space perfect for a hostage situation. Hopefully it won't come to that, otherwise this job just got ten times harder."

The ships name was the Albatross, and it was massive compared to Wyatt’s own ship but smaller compared to other cruise ships he had seen before. So far he hadn’t heard anything about a hostage situation or even an act of violence. It was starting to look like Ron might be trying to lay low hoping that he had outsmarted Wyatt. Unfortunately Wyatt had to buy a last minute ticket to get on board which was rather expensive but the bounty would cover all expenses so he would get the money he spent back. He had asked a janitor about Ron describing him to the T. The janitor said he had seen someone who matched Ron’s description come aboard and that he should talk to someone at the front desk. As Wyatt approached the front desk and was about to ask the employee there about what room Ron was in, he was suddenly pulled into a group of people taking a tour of the boat. This could be a great chance for him to familiarize himself with the ship so he decided that his investigation could wait, until after he had explored a bit.
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A Bounty and a Cruise Ship ((Open))
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